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  1. JamPan

    Do you DPM or not and why?

    Do you love DPM and kit everything you own out in it? Or maybe prefer just plain earthy colours? Or maybe bright hiking colours? What's the reason for your choices?
  2. JamPan

    Bitter boletes gah!

    I thought I'd struck gold in a forest I'd not been to before. Big fat golden boletes everywhere! I got a carrier bag full, then brought them home for detailed ID in a far better light than the dusk forest. I was so disappointed to have collected the bitter boletes. I gave them a nibble...
  3. JamPan

    Klymit sleeping mat durability

    I've just seen those super lightweight skeleton frame sleeping mats which look interesting. Does anyone have one, and how durable is it?
  4. JamPan

    Free food everywhere!

    So far today me and the wife gathered over 3kg of blackberries until we got bored as there's so many. Got a bag full of sweet plums. Found a laden damson tree so I'll be back for those. The elder trees are covered in ripe berries, so Just need to raid a big tree. Also saw loads of sloes...
  5. JamPan

    The problem with being practical

    So today I received my new 'heavy duty' cross cut shredder. After messing with it for 15 minutes and putting in half the recommended load. It got a paper jam. Not just a sensible one. But jammed itself solid. So being the tinkerer I am I started scraping at the jam, but that didn't do it, so...
  6. JamPan

    Wild camp bonuses

    Me and my mate went for a wild camp last night. It was warm and humid all day. Pretty much too warm to even have a fire whilst the sun was still up, though all the ground was quite sodden. Naturally we got one rolling later on as that's why we were there. Well that and watching the meteor...
  7. JamPan

    Folding spade trench tool suggestions

    My old folding spade has finally given up on the hinge after 20 years. It was just a cheap one from an army surplus store. On ebay I see there's endless varieties now from super cheap to branded Spear and Jackson, and Gerber etc... What have you lot got that you'd recommend as a new one? It...
  8. JamPan

    Hedgerow tobacco substitute

    I'm not quite sure where to put this so it's gone in here. :) Not that I really smoke but wanted to give this a go as I like to tinker. So yesterday I collected a carrier bag half full of raspberry leaves and the same again with bramble leaves. I've had them in the dehydrator and...
  9. JamPan

    waterproof/water holding basket?

    So according to a fair few people who have clearly cut and pasted each others information around the web. People used to weave baskets for holding water, but I can't find anyone who has made one, or what it'd be made from. I'm not interested in things made and sealed with tar etc... As...
  10. JamPan


    I have the standard large golf umbrella and a few cheap minis. I've just seen a brand called Blunt umbrella which looks superb. Does anyone have one, or recommend a decent windproof/storm proof brand?
  11. JamPan

    The greatest off road vehicle ever!

    Hi guys, I think I've just found the best offroader ever. Infact it's probably the best apocalypse vehicle! It's a ZIL-132 Anyone know of some others to best this one? :)
  12. JamPan

    Opinel No. 2 - Have you got one?

    I'm just browsing for another opinel no.8 as my previous one has gone awol. I don't know what it is about opinels. I don't misplace any other knives, but I've have three of these so far. Anyway, I didn't realise they made such a tiny version as the no.2. Is it actually of any use, or is it...
  13. JamPan

    A couple of nice things to watch

    These are better than normal tv:
  14. JamPan

    Anyone play golf?

    Me neither! My wife has decided to take it up, so being a good husband, we're learning to actually hit the balls at the driving range together. We're just using a couple of clubs borrowed from the coach and my wife wants her own, so we go into the golf shop and she asks about beginner clubs...
  15. JamPan

    Distilling birch oil/tar

    Has anyone tried distilling the vapour off when reducing the prepped birch oil into a tar? It seems logical not to let it escape, which looks like it should get methyl salicylate? I've distilled other things before from my home made still, though I quite like the idea of going full cave...
  16. JamPan

    If you could only take one of your items you already own?

    I often think about this whilst staring into the glowing embers. I love all my different items and using them, but if there was only one thing which I could take into the wilderness, it'd be my Ka-Bar cutlass machete. I'll tend to use that in place of my axe and knife as it's just so damn...
  17. JamPan

    Those with burdock root experience

    Yesterday I found a prehistoric sized patch of burdock of both first and second year growth on a riverside walk. They are now in flower. I'd like to go dig a few up to have a go at making coffee substitute, but firstly is it now the wrong time with them being in flower? Also...
  18. JamPan

    Flint knapping questions

    For those traditional flint knapping experts. I see antler being used in the knapping all the time. Could a dense hard wood happily replace the antlers function, or can the consistency of the antler do something wood can't?
  19. JamPan

    Handmade in Japan - Samurai sword on BBC Iplayer

    For all of you with BBC Iplayer access. This program is available for a bit and it's really nice to watch on the making of a sword from generations old swordsmiths. I've never made a knife but it shows some interesting traditional techniques that might be useful.
  20. JamPan

    ID of the small rounded leaves please?

    Does anyone know what the small shiny rounded leafy plants are called? DSC_0105 by James Ineson, on Flickr