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    EKA nordic for Crkt m16 13

    Ok cool. Its a W11 knife. If that helps:)
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    For Sale: EKA Nordic W11

    Any takers
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    EKA nordic for Crkt m16 13

    I have a eka nordic knife im looking to swap it for a crkt knife. What im looking for: M16 13DSFG. M16 12ZE ER M16 14DSFG If you can let me know if anyone is interested or has that knife for sale new or used. Cheers
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    Man survived for two months in oversnowed car

    Yeh how nuts is thar. But surly he cant jusr eat snow it will lower his core temp. And he would have to eat something.
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    Golite rucksack

    Have you sold it?
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    Golite rucksack

    Id still like to buy it if you dont mind waiting untill friady. I would really like to get it.
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    My New Baby Girl

    What a cutie. Makes me broody.
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    For Sale: EKA Nordic W11

    Bump for monday any takers
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    Golite rucksack

    What size is it? I would like to buy it. Do you have any photos?
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    For Sale: EKA Nordic W11

    Price drop now £65
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    For Sale: EKA Nordic W11

    Still for sale. OR would swap for sog seal pup black tini with kydex sheath.!!
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    Mora forest kydex sheath

    I also try to do alot of surfing (when funds are good) i have in the past had my leash caught in coral And other stuff and i dont fancy that again. So the leg option would be good to have as when im surfing i dont want a knife poking in my side paddling on the board. I want a knife for...
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    Mora forest kydex sheath

    Why not on the leg? Or at least maybe have the holes both sides at top and bottom so i could put on my leg but then have on a belt or backpack attachment. How much you recon of costing? Why not a mora for diving? Would you recommend a dive knife? Fairly lightweight tho.
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    6000 Post Competition

    LuckyDucky 722 g
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    Mora forest kydex sheath

    I want to buy the new style mora knife but i would like to have a kydex sheath so i can fit to my leg (diving) and will also go on a belt or attach to a backpack. Does anyone know where or who sells and makes custom kydex sheaths? Would it be easy for me to make it myself?
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    in need of a head torch recommendations please?

    I just bought a tikka 2 on ebay for £23.
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    damasteel final pics...:)

    Wow i like that. Nice handle. Love the green
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    Was hoping for worse weather!

    Nope i want snow, hail and all kinds of good weather like it. I was so dissapointed that there has been no snow in dec down here. Well heres hopeing it will change.
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    Antarctic job vacancy

    Sounds awsome.
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    Nalgene bottle, funny Taste?

    Do i put a couple of spoon full of bicarb in water into bottle then pour out rinse with hot water?