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    beginner multifuel stove advice

    My my ebay multi fuel arrived the other week, well the stove did but it was missing a fuel bottle. A few emails emailing pics of what was delivered to check not the wrong stove etc and they dispatched the fuel bottle, for £35 can't complain. Delivery was about 2 weeks for the stove then about...
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    beginner multifuel stove advice

    I've just ordered made a bid for £35 and accepted, waiting for it to arrive now. For £36 all...
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    Any bikers here???

    Another biker here, Manchester based. Currently refining my kit for some Euro and hopefully further distance tours. Here was a trial run a few weeks back in wales: Morning brew: Lost 11pm at night on single track roads, hungry. I did find a nice place to stop but had 3 hours of sunlight...
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    Titanium, should i, shouldn't i

    Just took delivery of the Evernew Titanium cookset from backpackinglight , For a pan, got to say I was really impressed, I never thought one could be impressed by a pan. It's light, has a decent sized cup compared to the alternatives...