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    Head-up; Merino base layers

    Thanks Ian Also zip-kneck tops for £19.99........very nice
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    Useful Skull Site

    Thanks for the link, TeeDee
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    Owl Class

    Here's some recorded examples of Tawny Owl - just search for other species:
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    Bargain book Natural Navigator signs etc

    Thanks for the heads up, Chas - looks a very interesting read
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    Bird in the grass

    A Corn Bunting perhaps?
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    Bushcraft / Survival Courses

    Hi Pete Have attended a couple of courses run by Gary now & can thoroughly recommend. Based in Kent Cheers
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    Ditto Dave's comment - used to have a pair of these & they're great & can stand up to a bit of rough treatment (I work on a nature reserve). Sadly, I dropped them & the centre column broke. Better half replaced them with a pair of Barr & Stroud 8 x 42 Sierra & am really pleased with them. About...
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    Knot Booklet

    Thanks very much for this - looks nicely explained
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    Choosing and using Storm Kettles

    Thanks for this useful review, Phil
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    Walking stick making course?

    I wonder if anyone can recommend a walking stick making course? I'm looking for a tutor to come to our place of work (a nature reserve) & teach a group of volunteers how to create their own so they can take something away at the end of the day. We are in Kent so a local-ish tutor would be...
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    Bentley Wood Fair??

    First time visitor to the show & thoroughly recommend it. Lots of stuff to see & dig through - all those tools!! Got the Ben Orford spoon knife I was after as well so very pleased :)