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  1. J

    7.7 quake

    A biggie went off on a point between our island, Cuba and Jamaica It was a nasty one, large, slow side to side movements for several minutes. Tsunami waves observed. More quakes are expected, with tsunami risk
  2. J

    Interesting in knife sharpening too?

    while looking for a link to the honing stone I have been using for decades, I stumbled on a quite interesting research about difference in the wear on the instrument, when different sharpening materials are used. They used Ceramic and Diamond stones of the same grit...
  3. J

    Maybe you can help

    This is a bit of a long shot, but I have this problem. I need to remove a coat of sticky paint ( oil paint?) from a piece of plastic looking eye piece. I say plastic, it is hard, so could be Bakelite, or Cellulose or something? What solvent should I try? Acetone might be to strong. I must not...
  4. J

    Interesting and quite ingenious Home made survival blanket!
  5. J


    Gary Rhodes. The Chef that showed me how good the British cuisine could be. R.I.P.
  6. J

    Knife breakage

    I just wonder, how many of you have broken a knife? Doing what? I have broken the tip off several knives over the years. Maybe the last centimeter maximum. Usually by digging into wood/ making a hole. One or two trying to pry out nails, retrieving fencing wire. Never a blade though. All sorts...
  7. J

    Changing Bears Thought to be inbreeding or a mutation.
  8. J

    Preserving metal bright and shiny

    Mainly thinking of the members of the Steam Tent Cooperative, who seem to enjoy a bit of polished copper and brass! But it can be useful for others too. As written before, I am in the process of restoring ( and blinging up) a couple of old military and surveyors tripods, plus some WW2 era...
  9. J

    Quality traditional tents

    two links to manufacturers of traditional tents, I have no connection or economic interest in these companies.
  10. J

    Lacking outdoor skills

    Absolutely not taking any side now, but have you noticed how unsuitable sleeping arrangements have been done by many of the protesters protesting now? Duvets, pillows, inadequate wetness protection from below and so on. My thoughts are, a standard rain will make their life uncomfortable, a rain...
  11. J

    YouTube - interesting vids

    i find that the series How it’s Made has lots of interesting videos. One I just watches is called ‘ 1385 Pine Needle Baskets’ I had no clue pine needles could be made into something ..
  12. J

    BLO and lacquer?

    I applied some BLO to old Oak wood, but am not too happy with the result, and wonder, which lacquer or varnish can I over paint the BLO infused wood with? I need a smoother, harder surface.
  13. J


    Rewilding - a phenomenon It seems it has become a strive to regain some locally ( = Britain) extinct species. Stork, sea eagle. Beaver, Boar. Maybe wolf. Worldwide, there are many ongoing projects. Some very successful. Some not. Some plain crazy. I recently read that in Britain there will...
  14. J


    So DHL delivered the tripod ( will use for the Rabbit Ears trench telescope). It is a Surveyors tripod, brass top, telescopic beech legs. Made by Fennel in Germany ( Kassel) . I think 1930's to early 1950's. The wood was lacquered originally, but that has flaked off in many areas over the...
  15. J


    RIP, John McCririck. Icon, legend.
  16. J

    Elderflower tipple

    Just read a new refreshing drink in a Swedish foodie site. 2-3 cl Elderflower cordial 15 cl Prosecco ( or any wine with bubbles but maybe not Dom P Vintage...:). ) 1 - 2 sprigs of Mint 1 - 2 teaspoons of Lemon juice A splash of Soda water Crush the Mint with Lemon juice ( save a few leaves of...
  17. J

    Removing paint from brass

    So I have received the Trench Telescopes/ Rabbit Ears I bought from UK. As they are ex MOD, they are painted with a green pain. One set is in NIB condition, with all bits and pieces, so that I will keep in original but the other one is slightly more battered and scuffed, but still fully...
  18. J

    Cookery book

    I post this recommendation here as it is not bushcraft related. You cooks and foodies among here, I am sure you have heard about Nordic or Scandinavian cooking. Simple, healthy, using basic Euopean ingredients. I recommend you buy ( birthday? Christmas?) a book by Magnus Nilsson called ‘The...
  19. J

    Thread for interesting ( Youtube) videos

    Would it be legal, and within the Rules and Regs of this site, to create a thread where we can post links to interesting videos created by people outside this forum that are relevant to Bushcraft and ‘old ways”?
  20. J

    Albino Panda

    I can not post a link for unknown reason, but they have spotted an Albino Panda in China. Google it, very interesting!