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    Set of Five Matched turned bowls

    Money sent
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    Set of Five Matched turned bowls

    Yup they are saweeeet. I'll have them please
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    Set of Five Matched turned bowls

    I'm keen, do you have side photo. Or close up? Thanks
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    Set of Five Matched turned bowls

    What is the depth of the bowls? Please
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    Wool things for sale! Shirts, gilet, beanie and jacket...

    I would like the icebreaker gilet please
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    PRICE DROPS Pat Crawford Friction,CRKT Shinbu, Castle Keep Basket Hilt Broadsword

    If this is still for sale I'm keen. Pm sent
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    USMC Underwear

    hi can you tell me the approx waist and chest measurements please?
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    Final clear out ?

    Hi any tracking available for mayser hat? not received it yet. thanks
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    Final clear out ?

    Mayser hat please paypal sent thanks
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    Leatherman Rebar

    sent cheers
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    Leatherman Rebar

    yes please, pm me paypal details thx
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    Final clear out ?

    ooops meant to say pm me payment details thanks
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    Final clear out ?

    fjall raven shirt please
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    Wych elm static recurve Bow for Sale

    beautiful bow
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    Bergens & Smocks

    windshirt please pm incoming
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    Brand New - 2 Nanok 0 deg Endurance sleeping bags

    just to let you know soldier of fortune sells these for 69.99 fyi
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    Leatherman Wave (used) - £20 inc p&p

    i'll take this if the above deal falls through thanks
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    Bottled beer recommendations.

    innes and gunn red label - the shiznit