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  1. J

    Essex group

    We We are still about Scrivy
  2. J

    Coarse fishing: totally dumb newbie question....

    As above but if there were nout else i would munch away
  3. J

    Essex/ London area does any one want to meet up and plan a few meets

    Scrivy is interested as well cheers guys
  4. J

    Backyard billy bannock Baking and wood stove test

    nice looking tucker
  5. J

    lofty wiseman fire method

    thats a pretty interesting link cheers
  6. J

    Can U we eat hornbeam seeds?

    For one reason or another I had to remove a small limb quite low down from a Hormbeam a bit later something cought my eye and I noticed it dripping sap I put my crusaider mug under and collected a small mug of sap and yes it taisted rather good It was pretty much like Silver birch sap but not as...
  7. J

    HELP: how to roast a pig?

    I dont think you would agree if you had to prep the pig or venison to roasting stage from scratch and build a spit roast tripods and spit roast and 6 hours or more latter gather all the wood ect
  8. J

    HELP: how to roast a pig?

    Ive cooked many a spit roast and they look good hanging on the spit but why did folks from by gone years bother cooking this way - It is labour intensive with the amount of wood needed using valuable resorses to keep a fire going for 4 or 5 or even more hours - I have tended to stear away from...
  9. J

    Another alcaholic feast " SWEET POTATOES "

    Ingreadients Sweet Potatoes Rum Butter brown sugar Cinamon Roast the Potatoe as you would jacket pots - slice in half - lightly mash the potatoe with the butter wilst still in there skins - sprinkle with a little brown sugar - a pinch of cinamon- one desert spoon of rum divided onto each...
  10. J

    Skinning tips for deer?

  11. J


    Didnt have any problem getting Potassium permanganate from my local chemist it might be worth ringing around a few others to see if they stock it - One thing I did find with getting it to ignite was on a hot day no problem on a cold damp day - It didnt work for me
  12. J

    Flour and weevils

    Reason for asking - I had some flour in the cupboard that had been opened and the top of the bag just folded down any way went to use it some time later and noticed what i think were weevils they were quite minute I allways imagined weevils to be of maggot to small grub size proportions so is...
  13. J

    Flour and weevils

    Question - How do weevils get in to flour - is flour safe to use that has weevils
  14. J

    billy bushcrafter at the wilderness gathering

    I like Billy Bushcrafter He drank all the Cider before filming this Film Billy Bushcrafter is the new Stig Who is he
  15. J

    Bear Grylls....sorry

    I dont mind Mr Grylls Better than watchin Sad Enenders and Crapenation Street and Emerpoo farm
  16. J


    THE TRAP starring Oliver Reed and Rita Tushingham its quite an old film worth a watch
  17. J

    another one for Shewie

    Tuna and Horse radish sarnies FANTASTIC ha ha
  18. J

    finished the Green man carving

    lovely workmanship
  19. J

    loaded six string on your back?

    quite enjoy lisening to a guitar or flute played around a camp fire myself