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    Tomahawk Modding

    Hello All , For many years now Ive been interested in anything bushcraft related after first learning some basic skills from about 10 years of age with a farmer and later as a combat survival instructor with the Armed Forces and have also graduated to make my own scandi knives and now only...
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    Leather Scabbard and Strap for Khukuri knife

    Hello All at Bushcraft UK , Just putting the feelers out at the moment for a possible future commision for a decent quality Leather quick release scabbard for a 12" khukuri knife complete with a carrying style strap that fits over a shoulder and across the back so that the actual knife and...
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    Any Alternatives in the UK - all the knives look the same

    Hello All , I hope I don't offend anyone on the forum by posting this thread but I do think it is a subject that needs to be addressed. The subject I would like to discuss is alternative style custom made camping / hunting knives made in the UK. I don't know what most members think but I have...
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    Replacement Scales for Buck Ranger 112 ?

    Hello All , I have a Buck Ranger 112 knife (folder) and I removed the original scales with the intention of replacing them with something a little more quality , buffalo horn , bone or whatever . Anyone know of a supplier or even maybe a forum member on here who can either supply scales or...
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    Basic survival courses in North of England

    Hello All , I am searching for a good quality / standard basic survival course in the North of England to send my Grandson on to learn the basics of shelter building , firelighting techniques , water purification and wild food preperation etc . or all I was trained in these techniques by UKSF I...
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    Sources for Blow Pipes

    Hello All , Do any of the forum members know of a good source to purchase an authentic indigenous Blowpipe made from selected hardwoods ? I have a sneaking suspicion that they are illegal in the UK ? but not really sure . Failing that , any good DIY youtube videos etc . Thanks
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    Best Portablewood burning camping stoves ?

    Hello All ,Looking at getting back into a bit wild camping / bushcraft etc after quite a number of years and still have a bit kit left over from the old days . For all I still like the idea of building my own camp fire and cooking on and around that , I would still like to take a portable /...
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    Searching for North East group

    Hello All ,Hope I,m posting this in the right section . I very recently came across a facebook bush craft group near where I live called "North East Bushcraft Adventures" . It is run by a guy called John Donaldson I believe and and seems a very friendly group of like minded people and Iwould...
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    source for arrow shafts ?

    Hello All , I,m into my new hobby now , making bows . Well Ive only made one so far but it seemed to go not too bad . It is an American Flat Bow style , made out of Greenhart wood with a Hickory backing . I am now ready for my second bow , made from an Elm stave and I am going to attempt to...
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    Making Bows

    Hello All , I don't know if I am in the right section to ask this question . Does any member know of a good British site or youtube site that gives you a step by step instruction on How to make a recurve style of Bow , using the right type of wood backed with Bamboo ? With thanks Mike
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    What is the Genuine Article Khukuri ?

    Hello All , Further to my post " The Best Kukri Knives " , using what personal knowledge I have regarding khukuris and the research I have carried out , I thought I would expand on my previous thread to help give any interested members a little more informed information as to what to look for...
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    Hello All

    Due to commitments , Ive been away from this forum and honestly cant remember if I introduced myself last time so if not , my name is Mike Ex Forces and Fire Brigade and have worked as an Instructor on both civilian and Military Combat survival courses in the past , so have an all round general...
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    Pictures of your Khukuris ?

    I love the traditional style khukuris and wonder if anyone on the forum has pics of their favorites ? Thanks Mike
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    Madras Arsenal

    Hello All , Anyone who is interested in Khukuris ? Have you had a look at a small one man company in US called " Madras Arsenal " . He makes some nice historical khukuris but doesn't give any dimensions apart from length . H also Has some youtube stuff worth looking at . trouble is extra...
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    The best Kukri knives

    Hello All , I am new to the forum but not exactly new to bushcraft / survival skills etc as in the past I was a combat survival instructor in the British Army , along with this I have an interest in the many and varied knives and tools used within these situations and in particular the one I...
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    Hello All

    Just to say hello to all forum members . I read many of the threads on here in the past as a guest , but now I will try and get a little bit more involved . Thanks M