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    Cooking a whole pig at camp.

    I've helped spit roast wild boar and sheep a few times. Idealy you have a couple of spikes going through the animal at the shoulders and haunches. These go through the main spit at right angles, to stop the spit turning in the animal, rather than the whole thing going round. It helps if you...
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    crashing trees

    Wierd isn't it. I was leading a class in plant id when a huge beech tree fell over about 200 yards away. There was no wind at all, just a huge splintering crash. I can tell you, it really took the students minds off the edible plants they were looking for!!
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    New pocket axe

    I just bought myself a GB mini for christmas and it's sooo cute!! Maybe thats a girly thing - it just fits in my handbag!
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    Raven Feathers

    Moulted Raven feathers are hard to come by;- they tend to rip them up for some reason!
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    Vegetarians and vegans

    I've been a vegie so long, it's tricky remembering how I got that way in the first place! Oh yeah, didn't need to eat meat and didn't like the way animals were treated in modern farms. I guess now it's mostly habit. I belong to a community farm and know exactly how the animals are treated and...
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    Deep sea fishing and Bushcraft weekend

    Brilliant trip! Really enjoyed it, even though we didn't haul in the tonnes of Bass we had been promised!! Seriously though, a really good day out that my family and I thoroughly enjoyed. As I write, my 9 year old Callain is sparking up a fire in the garden to cook his "beautiful, shiney...
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    Deep sea fishing and Bushcraft weekend

    Hm, 7am!! I think we may change our plans and camp over night with you lot, if that's OK . Where abouts is the campsite?
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    Deep sea fishing and Bushcraft weekend

    Hi Nick Unfortunately we can only make the fishing day and not the rest of the weekend. Can you just confirm the details of when and where we will meet up with you? I'm getting all overexcited about it all, so I think I'll go and have a nice cup of hot chocolate while I await your reply...
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    Why the hell did I bother!

    I was asked to leave a tent ( an old but excellent canvas ridge tent) at a gathering that I was leaving early, as it was being used as a cook tent. When the person who borrowed it returned home, they left the tent behind, as they "could'nt fit it in the car"! When I drove the three hour drive...
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    Oxfordshire/Gloucestershire area

    Sounds good. I'de be interested, if the dates fit.
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    oxfordshire & surrounding area

    Gods -- with all that food Falling Rain is talking about, I'de be willing to drive a few hours for a meet .....any dates yet? Willowbark
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    Clay Pizza Oven

    The Hiram Trust have produced a leaflet on clay ovens. pm me your address and I will send a copy over.
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    Reindeer skin group buy - part 2

    I've been away and got back a couple of days ago to find the two skins I got in the first buy had arrived. They're gorgeous :D . Many thanks for arranging this :You_Rock_ . I hope a third group buy is not out of the question.
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    Deep sea fishing and Bushcraft weekend

    Hi there Nick Have pm'd you and will send cheque for 2 places. Is 9yrs old too young do you think? If not then I'll bring my son along too.
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    Deep sea fishing and Bushcraft weekend

    Hi Nick If you still have two places left, can you let me know and I'll send deposits. All the best willowbark
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    The Education of Little Tree.....

    I didn't know they'de made a film of it, but it's been one of my favorite books for years.
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    Take Care

    Hi Fallow I havn't been following the threads involved, so can't comment on the content. It's the two edged sword of this means of communication that we can say what we like without looking the recipient in the eyes. Not that I'm implying that anything's been said that wouldn't have been said...
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    Bow drill workshop

    I'de love to come back in the summer ~ it's a lovely site and not too far to travel!
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    Hammock underblanket --- Group Buy

    I'de be interested to see where your enquiries lead and would probably want a couple if the price wasn't too steep.
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    Bow drill workshop

    Many thanks for organising a great day and congratulations on such a lovely site to play in. I'm really glad I came along.