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  1. Turnip

    Any Builders On here That I could scrounge some info off? :D

    As the title suggests, I'm after some advice on Inspection Chamber benching! Yay...Fun! :) If anyone who actually has experience with this could help me out I'd be extremely grateful! Cheers Jon
  2. Turnip

    Removing white mould from leather?

    Hi folks, Hope you're all doing ok in these weird times! Decided to check on some stored kit yesterday only to find 2 of my leather sheaths are covered in white mould, they've been stored with others and the rest are fine so not sure what that's all about!? Anyway, does anyone have any ideas...
  3. Turnip

    For Sale Catapults/Slingshots

    In the search for funds all hobbies are taking a hit. Any questions or more pics please PM. Bank transfer desirable but ok if buyer wants to use PP. No for hits or drops on any of these fine slingshots 1) MS Hunter in Green. TTF Style. Bought this to try TTF style shooting but unfortunately...
  4. Turnip

    For Sale Varies Sharps - BCNW-01 and Alan Wood Woodlore

    Unfortunately the dog is starting to cost a fortune in vet bills so need to free up some cash just in case more tests are needed If further info or photos are required please drop me a pm and I will do my best to help! Payment would Ideally be by Bank Transfer but will accept PayPal if buyer...
  5. Turnip

    where to get bone broth suitable for dogs?

    Just a quick question whilst I try to hunt some down, Does anyone know where I can get some bone broth from that would be suitable for a dog? I've made it before but unfortunately the other half isn't particularly keen on me making it in the kitchen again and most I've found so far aren't...
  6. Turnip

    Sold Joe Roberts S1 Catapult

    Joe Roberts S1 12mm Ally core, rounded tips, Oak handle. Bought a couple of months back along with one with sloped tips, decided to keep that one so this one needs to go. Only used 2-3 times, no fork hits. 25-20mm .7 precise used bands fitted £35.00 All in. Posted 2nd class signed for
  7. Turnip

    Sold Axiom Ocularis

    Just in case anyone wants there own catty to have a play with at the moot! :) Axiom Ocularis in Red Used a handful of times but the ocularis plugs just isn't for me. No fork hits or drops. Spare set of plugs. Original Band sets £25.00 All in, posted 2nd class tracked SPF Dimensions: Height-...
  8. Turnip

    Withdrawn Catapults/Slingshots

    In the hope to free up some cash I'm thinning out some bits, as a result some of my cattys need to go. 1) Axiom Ocularis in Red Used a handful of times but the ocularis plugs just isn't for me. No fork hits or drops. Spare set of plugs. No Bands Fitted. £ Dimensions: Height- 6"/155mm...
  9. Turnip

    Sold Robin Wood R/H Compound curve

    Used twice, It's been sat around with my other wood carving thats not getting used. unfortunately due to some damp in the back bedroom there are some spots of rust/ pitting in the blade(I have tried to show these in the pics), nothing a bit of wet and dry wouldn't sort. £27.50 via PP Posted...
  10. Turnip

    Sold Ray Mears Crooked Knife

    Ray Mears R/H Crooked knife. Never used, never sharpened but has been stropped. It's been sat around with my other wood carving thats not getting used. unfortunately due to some damp in the back bedroom there are some spots of rust/ pitting in the blade(I have tried to show these in the pics)...
  11. Turnip

    Sold Mark Hill Custom

    Here is my Custom knife made by Mark Hill. Mark made this to my specs, with a little input from himself. Great knife but unfortunately I rarely get to use my fixed blades these days and the house needs some work so need to free up some cash. I would like £70.00 Via Paypal. this includes Postage...
  12. Turnip

    Advice on asbestos insulating board

    I realise this is not even remotely bushcrafty, but I'm hoping someone on here may have experience with the stuff. I could do to fit some soffit vents to my bungalow, but have found that under the UPVC soffits there is still the original AIB soffits, can these be cut with care and the suitable...
  13. Turnip

    Sold MiniMac Carving Knife

    It's nearly Christmas so why not treat yourself to a beautiful new carving knife! :) I didn't want to be selling this really but there just seems to be one thing after another going wrong at the moment so needs must. I had this commissioned from Chris Grant as part of a matching set (MaChris &...
  14. Turnip

    Sold Robin Wood RH Spoon Knife (Open Curve)

    Robin Wood RH Open Curve spoon knife. New, but does appear to have a couple of small rolls/chips on the edge. (Which I have tried to show in pics) Guessing these have happened whilst in storage as it's never been used. £30.00 To your door Via 2nd class tracked. PP or BT UK only. By...
  15. Turnip

    Withdrawn Venev 6" x 1" Dual Side Bonded Diamond Set

    Venev 6" x 1" Dual Side Bonded Diamond Set. Brand new never used. I ordered these for my Malanika Puukko, but haven't yet needed to sharpen it and have decided to get some silicon carbide stones instead. I Payed £76.00, I would Like £55.00 to your door Via 2nd class recorded. PP or BT. UK Only
  16. Turnip

    For Sale Terävä Jääkäripuukko

    Terävä Jääkäripuukko 110 Carbon steel, with sheath. I've sharpened out the heavy secondary bevel and put a micro bevel on it instead. there is a small area of scratch pattern from the coarse grit that hopefully can be seen in the pics, hasnt effected the use so was just going to sharpen it out...
  17. Turnip

    Withdrawn FatFace Mountain Hill Jackets

    1. ITEM: FatFace Mountain Hill Padded Jacket 1X Large, 1x Extra Large SOLD 2. CONDITION: BNWT 3. EXTRAS: Possibly a small amount of Corgi hair, it seems everything else has some on it so I can't imagine these will have gotten away without any! :) 4. LOCATION: Radnorshire 5. PRICE: Withdrawn 6...
  18. Turnip

    Insulated jacket recommendations?

    Howdy Folks, I'm after some options for a decent insulated jacket in the £100-£150ish price bracket. It'll mainly be for walking the dog about town, down in the stadium to watch the rugby and an as a cozy coat when I stop for a brew on long walks. I want something lightweight, warm when stood...
  19. Turnip

    Any double glazing experts?

    First, Mods if this is in the wrong place then please move / remove as you see fit. :) There are several windows that have blown on our bungalow, the windows don't appear to have the removable trim as they are very old, so does this mean that the only option is to replace the whole windows fram...
  20. Turnip

    Sold Tasco Range Finder

    I dont need two range finders so this one is up for sale. ITEM: Tasco 400LRF DESCRIPTION: New, unused. taken out of box to check it worked, then stored. PRICE: £65.00 Inc PP & Postage_Now£60.00 £55.00 Via 2nd class post Sold Please note that this version only reads in Metres.