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    Deer hunters beware.....

    he was bow hunting.
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    Favourite fuel for your stove?

    One of the secrets with stoves, do not pack them with your food. Keep your stove and fuel separated. I own several stoves, Gasoline is my favorite fuel. Here in the states it is the most popular. Also if some one or yourself need to borrow some fuel from someone else it can be done very...
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    Children's Bushcraft

    I agree, Great photos, what a wonderful time. Thank you for sharing your daughters Birthday with us.
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    Children and knifes

    A good knife is a valuable tool to have. I think it is good to teach one children how to properly handle a knife.
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    Grettings from Oregon

    Thank you, everyone for the kind welcome. Dommyracer, Sure ask away. Oregon has all year Skiing, great white water kayacking/rafting, good canoeing, Lots of hiking, Black beer, mountain lion, cayotes, deer, elk, lots of birds and three climate system. 1) coast, 2)valley/wet, and 3) high...
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    winter sleeping out

    Sleeping bags have a comfort range, Out side of that range one can be too warm or too cold. Most high end bags do not place much insulation on the bottom of the bag, once the loft is crushed (laying on it) it has no insulation value. Reason a pad is needed. Same with beds (hammocks or...
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    Excellent thread, I would like to add some comments on wildlife photography. Yes stalking is probably the hardest skill to master. Blinds near trails are great. Also not mentioned is "Calling", which is mimicking distress calls, mating calls or other noises animals make such as "lost...
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    Grettings from Oregon

    Hello everyone. You have a very nice forum here and enjoyable to read. I am a ex-alpinist among others. I taught mountaineering and was a member of Mountain Rescue. I have been active in the out doors (bush) all my life. I have practice various styles even some that are considered...