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    I'm going to show my age here...

    I grew up outdoors with my parents being keen walkers, I first climbed Cadair Idris at the age of eight. Playing in local woods and along the riverbank with my friends. I learned hedge laying on my uncles farm as a teenager and picked up some knowledge of wildlife. I had a great love of...
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    Where to find custom Knife / Leather sheath?

    I have excellent pattern welded/Damascus knives by Wendon Sharman, who you can find on Instagram. Owen Bush is also an excellent maker, but they are more expensive. cheers Andy
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    Not British made anymore!

    I just bought a couple of stainless steel one pint enviro-cup made in Birmingham and a linen shirt from Elgar shirts made in Halifax. Both listed on Still made in Britain website.
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    corona virus projects any one?

    I have had quite a productive lockdown with refurbishing twenty or so old tools and knives and then making a few leather covers and sheaths. It is quite boring now I have to go back to work Cheers Andy
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    DIY kit question

    No problem, it is a bit of an old design at least 20 years old, I was going to give it to a charity shop then saw it could of been of interest. cheers Andy
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    DIY kit question

    I have a belt sander I inherited from my Dad I have used once that you are welcome to , there are several different grit papers with it. Let me know if you are interested. Cheers Andy
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    Trade knives - your thoughts

    I recently ordered six Matt White trade knives from USA and even with customs duties they only cost around £100 to £130 each depending on size. I am very happy with them so far.
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    Sources of decent hatchet/ axe handles

    A wide range of hickory axe handles can be sourced from Richard Carter Ltd or Timeless Tools. Lots of different sizes are available. I am a happy past customer of both suppliers. Cheers Andy
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    Two dogs

    Hilltrek and Country Innovation spring to mind, sadly Snowsled no longer produce Ventile smocks. There are a couple of Scandinavian companies as well, but I tend to support local makers. Cheers Andy
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    Two dogs

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    Bush hat suggestions?

    I used Tilley T3 for 25 years or so but now use the Tilley Hemp TH4. It seems to absorb less water in the rain and dries quicker while not feeling so cold should the temperature drop. And
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    Junkshop knives

    According to Tweedale’s Directory of Cutlery Maufacturers Isaac Ellis was a knife manufacturer from the 1830s onwards and included his sons in the name by 1860. The firm continued until 1932 when the firms Primus trade mark was acquired by Edwin Blyde. Hope this is helpful John. I have a...
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    Beaver Bushcraft (Shark Designs)

    I have had excellent service from Beaver/Shark Designs on two different orders for leatherwork and a steel striker and tinder supplies. They emailed regularly to keep me updated on the progress of the leather pouch order. I have no connection to the company just a satisfied customer. Cheers Andy
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    Anyone have experience with cheap water stones?

    Axminster tools stocks a wide range of Hermes wet and dry abrasive paper. I am still using a stock I purchase 5 or so years ago. No connection to company just a satisfied customer. Cheers Andy
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    Do You Know What This Is? Bit fun for a Sunday afternoon

    I am fine thanks, as I now have a smartphone I hope to post more, after several years with no computer. Cheers Andy
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    Do You Know What This Is? Bit fun for a Sunday afternoon

    This post shows a catalogue from the 1980s, but I have seen older ones. [url] This pattern of knife seems to have been made by a number of Sheffied cutlers. In Geoffrey Tweedale, Sheffield...
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    Do You Know What This Is? Bit fun for a Sunday afternoon

    The asterisk and Maltese cross were logos used on Joseph Rodgers and Sons knives. The currently made knives still bear these symbols, the right to use this is now owned by the Eggington Ltd. If you search on British blades website there is a picture of this type of knife being sold as a hunting...
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    Nic Westerman knives.. How much?

    At the Westonbirt Treefest on his stall, blades started at £40 or so and upwards. I purchased a lovely carving knife narrow tang convex Scandi with an ash and camel bone handle for £170. This knife holds an excellent sharp edge that has only needed a little stropping so far. Andy
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    Barbour Coat advice

    I see on the Barbour website that there is now a "New Durham" jacket in 6oz sylkoil as opposed to the "Classic Durham" jacket in 4oz sylkoil. This should be ideal for bumbling about in brambles. I think I feel a purchase coming on. Cheers Andy
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    How many rucksacks do you have?

    I only have four; 1. Berghaus Mustang 65L, nearly 30 years old I rarely use this convertible travel pack now as I do less globe trotting. 2. Berghaus Cyclops 2 Alp 70L, my mountain walking pack for over 20 years now only used for music festivals. 3. Go lite Gust 56L, my current main pack...