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    Teaching kids plant ID's

    I'd like to teach my little one some useful plant id's, some edible and some medical. I thought it might be fun to do it with easy to remember short poems that say something about the look of the plant aswell as its use. I wondered if anyone knew perhaps of a book containing these types of...
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    My Mesolithic experience. Timecamp 2000

    Following my introduction post a couple of folks have expressed interest in a project I took part in back in 2000, as part of the millenium celebrations, called Timecamp 2000, where a group of 12 volunteers signed up to recreate certain aspects of Mesolithic life for a week. It was a very...
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    Hi, look forward to meeting everyone :)

    Hi folks Thanks for letting me join what looks like a great community from what I've seen so far. I've really enjoyed looking at the photography threads, some beautiful pics there and I'm currently reading through the stuff aimed at kids as I have a mini bushcrafter that I hope to inspire...