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  1. bivouac

    Map swap

    Some maps up for trade - mostly duplicates or finished projects. They're in good condition with no tears or dodgy folds or writing on them although the covers might be a bit tagged here and there. I'm looking for a straight one-for-one exchange for ones in similar condition. On offer are...
  2. bivouac

    Using bio ethanol in an enclosed space

    My trusty old Super Bleuet having finally broken down irretrievably, i've been looking around for a replacement. I fancy using an alcohol stove (i've got a couple) but it is principally to use in the lorry cab when i brew myself a cuppa while i'm waiting to load and the warnings about fumes from...
  3. bivouac

    Snugpak Stratosphere 50% off

    Doing a little window shopping tonight I came across this. Seems like a good deal. Click and collect option from the stores apparently. (No connection with seller etc. etc.)
  4. bivouac

    Smelly 58 patt sleeping bag

    This has some history to it. It did the hippy trail to India with my sister in the 1970's, it last saw action in Snowdonia in 1992 and has been left in the garden shed for the last few years. Unsurprisingly, therefore, it has picked up a little discolouration and mould and a rather strong scent...
  5. bivouac

    Tatty vintage canvas & metal frame rucksack

    Moving house soon, so this has got to go. It's not in good condition and it would be fair to describe it as grade 2. It has several holes in the canvas, mostly around the side pockets, some have been stitched and some have not. It's also got some mould spots here and there and the metal frame is...
  6. bivouac

    British army lightweight basha - pu or silnylon?

    I've got an old basha in need of some tlc which i'm pretty sure is the same as this one - - as the weight and dimensions are exactly the same (640 gms). There's a couple of pin holes and...
  7. bivouac

    Another paracord question

    Is all paracord pretty much the same quality-wise? I use bungees with an old basha but i'm looking to save a few ounces and replace them with guylines on the corners. Is there such a thing as good quality low-stretch paracord or would any old cheap paracord from the local camping shop be ok...
  8. bivouac

    Survival in the UK

    Reading a recent thread, i was surprised at how many people routinely carry knives in the UK ('surprised' is a softer and less contentious word than 'concerned'.) as I've had a Swiss army knife in the lid pocket of my rucksack for about 20 years and i can't recall ever having used it. I go out...
  9. bivouac

    21st century sos

    I'm out a lot on my own and it occured to me that there is probably some sort of gizmo that at the press of a button would send an sos with my gps location to someone that could render assistance if i got myself into trouble. Would i need to get an expensive gps device? Is there an iphone app...
  10. bivouac

    A couple of Norgie shirts up for swaps.

    I've got a couple of Norgie shirts up for swaps. You know the ones - shirt, mans, field, cold weather. Seen a lot of use but still in good nick. Zips are ok and cuff buttons present and correct. Size is 100 cm which fits my 40 inch chest just right. I'm really only looking to cover the postage...
  11. bivouac

    Half price Integral Designs Siltarp 3

    Just noticed this for £70 - It's in grey, but that seems a good price.
  12. bivouac

    Swap my brand new Terra Nova tarp for your flecktarn basha

    I've got a brand new Terra Nova Adventure Tarp 1 up for swaps. An impulse purchase (you know how it is...) its never been used and still has the shop tags attached. Terra Nova info here: I'm ideally looking for a...
  13. bivouac

    Kathmandu Trekking Millair bivi bags heads up.

    Came across some Kathmandu Trekking Millair bivi bags on the Bay. They don't often come up new and unused. Good kit that isn't as breathable as Goretex, but a classic item from the 80's...
  14. bivouac

    Buffalo Special Six shirt

    Buffalo Special Six shirt for sale. It's only been worn a couple of times and washed in Nikwax Techwash so it's in mint condition. 42 inch chest in green. £65 to include paypal fees and postage. Thanks.
  15. bivouac

    Looking at the night sky

    I've spent quite a bit of time the last few evenings standing with my head on one side staring at the sky. I was fascinated the other night to see Jupiter and Venus on either side of the moon. Then i realised that the moon is illuminated by the sun and i could work out exactly whereabouts in the...
  16. bivouac

    Trade : Buffalo Special Six up for swaps.

    Due to a misunderstanding, my Buffalo Special Six shirt remained unsold and is taking up space in my wardrobe. Before it goes back into the classifieds or onto Ebay, i thought i would check out to see if anyone has a Snugpak Stratosphere they wanted to trade for it as it's something i'm looking...
  17. bivouac

    Buffalo Special Six shirt & Fenix torch for sale

    One way or another i seem to have aquired a small collection of Buffalo shirts so my Special Six is up for sale. It's 42 inch chest. Nato green. Less than 12 months old it's only been worn a couple of times and washed in Nikwax Techwash so it's in mint condition. Buffalo now gone. Thanks Also...
  18. bivouac

    Dutch Army surplus

    Anybody have any dealings with these chaps? - They've got plenty of Dutch Army stuff and the prices don't seem too bad. Take Paypal too.
  19. bivouac

    Arktis heads up

    Seems to be some good prices here: Very quick delivery. No connection with seller, happy customer blah blah blah.
  20. bivouac

    wooden fork on the go?

    A bit of a two-part question really. If i use some twigs to cook with next time i'm out i could leave my metal KFS at home. I'm thinking of a twig split in two with something wedged inbetween the two halves to act as a fork & some long straight sticks to act as skewers to roast stuff over...