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    Alpkit Skyehigh 800, long - basic review

    Hi PetGreen, I just measured the tent poles of the Coleman Celsius that I used on that trip: 2 poles of ca. 3617mm (in 9 sections). Enjoy the camping trips with your new tent!
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    Decathlon liner Jacket

    Looks nice. Any idea how heavy it is?
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    What head torch??

    Which type rechargeable battery were you using? My Gamma works great with Sanyo Eneloops, which are low self discharge NiMH rechargeable batteries. (+1) On their site they write "Gamma has not been designed to work with lithium batteries (rechargeable)." but not every rechargeable is of the...
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    Bicycles - what do you have?

    Classy Evans you have there, Zarkwon!
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    My new bike

    Looks nice! Is the front brake supposed to be on the back of the fork?
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    Hip belt or not?

    Depends on what you're doing. When running, any pack with hip belt is more stable. For walking, lightweight packs don't need the hip belt. The difference for more loaded hiking is very noticeable though. Even with only 10kg, I notice the difference, especially during a long day. Nice thing about...
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    Glasses recommendations please :-)

    Most Ray-Ban lenses are plastic, which will be scratched if a tiny bit of sand finds its way into the box, I discovered in Congo... My next pair will be much cheaper, as they are just as UV resistant as the 10x more expensive ones...
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    Vaude Taurus

    Hi, A friend of mine has a Taurus II which he brought along on our last trip to the Alps. It looked perfectly fine and he's very happy with it. However, I had my Hilleberg Nallo 3 with me and when comparing the two, the difference in space is very noticeable. The walls hang inward quite a bit...
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    Hilleberg Allak, Jannu or Nallo 2 GT vs MSR Hubba Hubba HP

    I'm sure the Terra Nova is a great tent too. Always difficult choosing and always making a compromise when choosing... Life can be hard ;)
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    Hilleberg Allak, Jannu or Nallo 2 GT vs MSR Hubba Hubba HP

    That Terra Nova Super Quasar is quite heavy and it's only semi free standing, right? You have to peg out the vestibules? As a bombproof free standing tent, I'd prefer the Hilleberg Staika. From the looks of it, the Hilleberg also has better ventilation and it's 700g lighter.
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    Hilleberg Allak, Jannu or Nallo 2 GT vs MSR Hubba Hubba HP

    I choose the Nallo 3 myself a couple of years ago, very happy with it. Enough space for 3 men and backpacks in the porch and only a bit heavier than the 2 person version. Reason for choosing was mainly the weight. An advantage of the non GT version is the smaller area you need for pitching...
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    Fjall raven Nº21 rucksack

    Looks nice! Nay sayers, repeat after me: minimalism, natural colours and natural materials are good. ;)
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    1-4 november 2012: Bushcraft weekend Belgium

    for more info in dutch check
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    Waterproof Jacket

    That Sprayway is quite heavy for it's price, I think. (510g) My Columbia Gore-Tex XCR rain jacket cost about the same and weighs about the same, but has more pockets and other lame features. I'm also interested in a not very expensive rain jacket, but it'll have to be lighter. Haglöfs has some...
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    Bridgedale socks

    I also like my Bridgedale trekking socks (midweight). They contain quite a bit of wool and hardly smell after several days of use when hiking (in heavy leather gtx boots). Very happy with them.
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    Vandals or idiots

    Maybe just kids who wanted to try out something in the woods (after seeing Ray Mears?) but don't understand the consequences yet (everyone has to learn at some point). If this is the case and you see them, maybe you can learn them how to treat the forest with some respect? (in a positive way)...
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    Lake District: maps, route? (last minute)

    Thanks for all the info, Paul! Highly appreciated. I sure hope to get out there in the not too distant future. Last 5 days we spent in the Ardennes, sleeping inside a chalet instead of inside tents (well, one night under the sky), since that was the only nice hilly region we could reach...
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    Lake District: maps, route? (last minute)

    Thanks for the good advice anyway, Shewie! Will think about it when I do get out there some other time...
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    Lake District: maps, route? (last minute)

    Thanks a lot Silverhill and Wulfgar! :) Unfortunately the news that reached Belgium today about horrible traffic conditions due to snow in England made my companions prefer yet other plans... But after doing the initial research and reading your posts, the Lake District is on my to do list so...
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    Lake District: maps, route? (last minute)

    Hi everyone, Some friends and myself had planned to go to the Vosges in France tomorrow for a 5 day hiking trip, but it's a bit too cold out there right now (our sleeping bags are rated to -10°C, they expect -15) so we thought we'd go to the Ardennes instead, but yesterday the forecast totally...