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  1. clydeman


    Aye use them myself for wee jobs out and about,but alas not for there real purpose as the sheep are just too fast on there feet for me these days...
  2. clydeman


    Wool socks and gloves works for me everytime....guess your at the stage where you have discovered that you have been running on the spot and doing a silly wee dance that would make michael Jackson look like a novice:singing::thumbsup:
  3. clydeman

    Lavvu help please

    Hello....just ordered the Hungarian camo version of the lavvu from military mart....think its made by the german army not sure......anyway hope the buttons don't drive me mad like the polish lavvu,as for hard rain fabsil is a good idea, never did get a leak but was murder on my old back when it...
  4. clydeman

    Hi from Glasgow

    Hello and welcome from another 50 plus Glasgow man...who likes escaping from wife and listen to silence in the woods
  5. clydeman

    All two year olds need this. :D

    :) Love it ,although my young grandson who is only six asked for a new baco Laplander saw for Christmas as he was not happy sharing his grandads as he makes him wear gloves and never use unless he is there to show him how to do it safe.......but his request for a mora knife has fallen on santa...
  6. clydeman

    Campfire abuse

    :) hello,well today went to same spot,got out my radio turned it up full blast,made a huge bonfire and scattered all my tins and bottles everywhere and hacked down a few trees for fun.....and guess what no one came near:rage:.....only joking of course:).....not looking for praise or medals, but...
  7. clydeman

    Campfire abuse

    Hello all.....well what a nice day I had yesterday,according to two local dog walkers I need help for my mental health issues...oh and my dog was with me...after setting up a small campfire and being no expert I made sure all my wood was dry ,that I had a large stone to try direct smoke...
  8. clydeman

    issue softie jacket and trousers

    Agree great bit of kit....although if I could kick my own butt I would have today,never go near anything that has thorns with my softie jacket on,but now have a nice tear covered by ductape:rage::cussing:
  9. clydeman

    Winter sleeping bag

    If your on a tight budget the british army artic sleeping bag is both affordable and warm,but it is bulky..i combine this with my british army softie jacket and trousers when its getting very cold and never had a problem ,although if I could afford a more modern hic tec sleeping bag I would have...
  10. clydeman

    Semi domesticated pets

    Well my border collie loves playing with the wild haggis that is only found in Scotland.....:D ...........:rolleyes:
  11. clydeman

    Catching rabbits humanely?

    cmon the collie loves his rabbit;)
  12. clydeman

    What's your favourite Army Surplus Bag?

    Love this british army 35l pack, and its now my everyday ruc.....and being a canny scot it was only £15..have gave it some abuse and its standing up well...:)
  13. clydeman

    Craigallion fire

    Hello all,made my first wee trip out along west highland way from Milngavie through mugdock woods out to this great wee spot,lots of history ,there is a wee stream running through and a few trees down for fire wood.think it would be a great wee spot just for anyone out for the day or maybe...
  14. clydeman

    Loch Fyne Gathering 8th-10th Sept

    Hi lads.....could not make this meet and was wondering if anyone took any pics,videos,or even a wee write up about the event, would be great for us who are hoping to attend sometime...many thanks:hammock:
  15. clydeman

    What did you buy today?

    :)Great wee Chinese cook kit...esbit stove with eight fire cubes and two mess tins....was £ 10 pence ,yes 10 pence...and a whistling camp kettle for stealth camping:p....10 pence...would have got more but as usual could not for greedy folk with trollies stacked high:dunno:...all...
  16. clydeman

    Wild camp bonuses

    :) Big bonus for me is all about the dog.....does not bring in half of scotlands midges into tent,does not shake water all over me,......and the most important.....does not fart once all night:aargh4:....
  17. clydeman

    New Member - Glasgow

    Aye another new member from glasgow:) welcome.
  18. clydeman

    Safest places to live post apocalypse ......... Just a bit of fun

    :p A wee village just north of Glasgow called "kissyourassgoodbye"..:o
  19. clydeman

    HELP - Ticks everywhere

    :confused: Must admit worked on farms and in forestry for a good part of my life and don't ever remember getting or seeing any ticks on myself or others,often had to pluck them from my collies , Only thing I can think of is that I have so much chemicals in my system from dosing sheep they just...
  20. clydeman

    Dogs, what you got?

    My three enjoying sunshine,clyde border collie,tanya miniature dachshund,and wee molly the miniature schnauzer who passed away last july.