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    For Sale British Primus type stove 1 pint

    Made by R M Mfg and Engineering as you can see on the instructions, in the days when Birmingham still had four digit phone numbers ! Lovely little stove is very good nick, no reairs on dints dings etc to speak of, serviced and fully working. Comes in metal box with legs, meths bottle, windshield...
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    Sabah shoes

    Keep see-them on FB, look nice. Anyone got any experience?
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    For Sale Parasene camp stove

    This nice little thing comes in its own box, 8x7x5 inches, and unpacks to give you a stove, windshield, meths tin etc. Serviced and fully working. Roarer burner. £25 posted
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    Sold Hjorth primus 5s

    OK, not had many takers for stoves on here but this one is a bit special. No sign of any repairs on it and very few dings and dents. Comes with cook ring and original Hjorth windshield. stamped Y25 on the base so I think that means 1934 as year of manufacture. Fully serviced and working...
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    Sold Maxpedition organiser

    Its the six by eight inch version, hardly used, 15 quid posted
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    For Sale Two wallets

    spec ops the wallet jr, loads of space in digicam £15 posted And this Levenger credit card size one, lovely leather, £20 posted.
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    For Sale Snugpak response olive green

    As picture, hardly used, pretty much mint. £12 bank transfer posted to you. Oh, and a free Grimlock.
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    For Sale 2 pint parasene stove in box with extras

    Like it says really, this is working beautifully and comes in a metal box with a windshield, and a neat little meths bottle. £40 posted to you, payment by bank transfer.
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    Copper kettle

    Daft question, but as I have just got me paws on a copper kettle, is it safe to use ? They seem to be mostly ornamental now but is that for any good health reason ?
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    Fuera smock, XXL light blue, worn twice as too big, in as new condition £55, say if you need aphoto
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    Withdrawn primus no 5 Reduced !

    As it says, a 5 in full working order, restored and ready to go. You will need to buy the two burner caps as I don’t have any spares, but this was tested yesterday and worked just fine, new seals etc all replaced. £30 posted to you.
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    Airgun help needed

    Hi folks, Just got a ANICS A 3000 albs sold as a Brocock F1 I think. Not got a clue how to use it, cannot even extract the mag. Anyone use one who can give me some tips ? Thanks, as ever BB
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    Mystery hammer

    Not really an edged tool I know, but the wisdom is here, I am sure ! what sort of hammer is this ? Head weighs about 7 oz, cannot seem to find anything like it on ghe places I have looked. Closest seems to be a brick hammer but surely its too light ? Wisdom appreciated !
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    Anyone know what maker this is ?

    Am restoring this axe, does anyone recognise the makers mark, if thats what it is ? thanks Bb
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    Review of Worksharp field sharpener

    OK so I am not the most dexterous chap and am certainly not one to get all aroused about angles and micro bevels, each to their own eh ? BUT I do like a sharp knife. At home the Spyderco sharpmaker does a grand job, but when travelling or just away for a weekend I have tried many field...
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    Filson customer service, or not ?

    Well I have always liked the look of it, but very costly. However, on our travels in deep Bavaria, dressing gowns at home, and a so called holiday bonus ie spend a-ton of cash, get a big voucher. So, I thought why not ? Bought us both a nice flannel dressing gown as Chrissy presents, dont tell...
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    Overseas A tricky year to travel

    Having had such a great time in Spain last year we were all set to go again, then came Corona. So France and Spain off limits, we decided on Germany. Many changes of plan later we brought forward departure to late Sept to beat lockdown, and have been in Saxony ever since. We plan to move on to...
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    Stormy Kromer wool vest 6 month review

    Bought one of these six months ago as its a cheaper alternative to the Filson but seems to be of similar quality ( nod to Wayland who originally reviewed this stuff ). This has rarely been off my back, only the hottest days really when I have not worn it. So, how has it held up ? Very well ! Its...
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    Overseas Big axe head

    Went to the archaeology museum in Hitzacker ( on the Elbe in Lower Saxony ) today. Some chaps doing practical hands on research by trying to grind axe heads. The one in the picture is as the man admitted to big to be useable but they like a challenge. Had a good chat with them, one at least has...
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    Paramo windproof

    I foolishly bought a blue full zip windproof top, XXL, worn twice as its too big........anyone want to swap a XL in any colour ?