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  1. J

    Wild ''Mock'' Strawberry Plant

    Seen the plant below while walking today, it's a wild growing Indian Strawberry plant, sometimes called Mock Strawberry, i know so because i have seen it at other times when in flower, the flowers are a yellow colour which distinguishes it from the normal wild strawberry. Apparently in Lofty...
  2. J

    ''Ishi'', the last Yahi, good documentary.

    the award winning documentary of ''Ishi'', the last Yahi. Interesting viewing, from living in hiding as the last survivors of his tribe, to becoming a living museum piece as the last Yahi alive, hunting with Saxton Pope etc etc.
  3. J

    Hunters 'Supermoon' Tonight

    For those interested there is a Hunters ''Supermoon'' in the sky tonight, I can see it right now as I write. And keep in mind 14th November for the biggest moon since 1948.
  4. J

    apple treat

    apples a-plenty at this time of year, a quick snack below, cut into portions and thrown into a pot with a little water with a bit of butter and sugar added to taste and boiled for 5 minutes or so till soft.
  5. J

    Walking where Telephones Disappear.

    The days of carrying a bit of loose change in your pocket just in case you needed to use a telephone box have long since gone i suppose now mobile phones are so popular. Confirmed on my walks through Worcestershire and Shropshire where i have found a number of kiosks which have had their...
  6. J

    The Story of ''Leatherman'' the legendary wanderer

    here is the story of the legendary ''Leatherman'', the guy who walked a 366 mile circuit every 34 days continuously for about 27 years, he got his name as all the clothes he wore were all handmade by himself from leather, he carried a leather bag to carry his few possessions in, made by himself...
  7. J

    Hobo by John T Davis (documentary film)

  8. J

    Liquid Resin from Grand Fir Trees

    Apart from fatwood another great firestarter is the ''liquid'' resin you get in blisters on some fir trees, especially when everything around you is soaking wet (providing they are in the vicinity of course). In the pics below is a ''Grand Fir'' tree, all those little oval protrusions are...
  9. J

    Unusual Gravestone

    unusual things often catch my eye on my countryside walks, recently on a walk in Shropshire I came across this gravestone, at first glance it seems quite normal but it is in fact very unusual indeed, it's easy enough to spot for the observant.
  10. J

    Down The Spine of Japan - Stephen Pern

    rather tired with the format of todays publicity seeking ''tv adventurers'' here is an old film of Stephen Pern walking across Japan.
  11. J

    Worlds Biggest (& Oddest) Cuckoo Clock

    This post may interest the inventive or creative, or anyone who just wants a laugh. Westonbury Mill in Herefordshire has the worlds largest cuckoo clock according to owner and hydrogeologist Richard Pim, it's a 25 foot water powered contraption that needed the skills of an organ builder and the...
  12. J

    Curtain Wire Makes Great Bails For Pots

    Having read some threads about making bails for hanging pots/mugs for cooking over fire I thought I would post what I do in case it's of any use to other members. I use curtain wire, the spirally stuff that has a little stretch, it's quick and simple, cheap, requires no work whatsoever to pot...
  13. J

    A Day ''on'' Wintour's Leap

    Yesterday I dusted off my climbing gear as I haven’t done any for a bit and had a day on Wintour's Leap near Chepstow, a spectacular limestone gorge through the River Wye Valley. It’s a wonderful area. Two army helicopters flew through the gorge which was a sight in itself as they flew low and...
  14. J

    Film About Mike Tomkies who Lived Alone in Scotland

    Here are two films about the life of Mike Tomkies. For those that don’t know him he gave up the life of a journalist interviewing and writing about Hollywood showbiz folks to live alone in a remote cottage in Scotland studying the wildlife around him. Mostly known for his years spent in Scotland...
  15. J

    A Walk in a Disappearing Land.

    Just got back from a couple of days walking, there is a lovely oasis of nature hemmed in between Lichfield Tamworth and Birmingham called Weeford Canwell & Hints. Step away from the busy A38 road and you are in another world, sadly though it won’t remain the haven it is at present because...
  16. J

    A Lesser Known Prussik Knot

    For those that like knots & ropework here is a lesser known prussik useful for one particular reason, you can release it from distance even when it's weighted. To release most types of prussik you have to lay your hand on the actual knot itself, if the prussik is out of arms length you will not...
  17. J

    The Hardest Place to Visit in the World.

    North Sentinel Island has been called the hardest place to visit in the world because the inhabitants violently protect their island against anyone who tries to make contact and kill folks who try to go ashore, rejecting all communication with the outside world they live just as they did 60,000...
  18. J

    The Secret Lake - you don't have to be a fisherman to enjoy this.

    You don’t have to be a fisherman to enjoy this lovely 1980s short film which shows there is more to fishing than catching fish, it really captures the feel of a day by the waterside, not a single word is spoken throughout which adds to it’s atmosphere. Film is in two short parts but the vid will...
  19. J

    Cowslips in abundance

    Todays walk entertained me with an abundance of cowslips, a lovely early wild flower, there was quite a large swathe of them. Cowslips suffered a serious decline from the 60s to the 80s but seem to be making a comeback. It was once popular to pick cowslip flowers to make a traditional country...
  20. J

    Wood Stoves -- Turkish Style

    With wood stoves and hobo stoves being quite popular nowadays it got me thinking to a few years back when I did some walking across Turkey. One of the places I walked to was called Sandras Dagi (or Sandras Mountain in English), on the way up through forestry I saw some of the local forestry...