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    Palm trees

    If it's a tree Phormiun then there are sites showing how to weave New Zealand flax leaves or how to make cordage.
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    Those stupid shelly bottles

    I also remember using poly filler or similar. Are you feeling a bit retro?
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    Anybody made a rotary quern?

    I spoke to a viking reeenactor today who had queen made for themselves by a stonemason at a cost of 200 pds.
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    Anybody made a rotary quern?

    Has anyone been daft enough to do this by any chance who can give some practical advice? Or can anyone save me all the trouble and point me to a dirt cheap source of excellent reproductions which will save my time and lessen the chances of me removing a thumb during the construction? I'm...
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    Lead free solder is almost all tin.
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    How best to store/keep an axe?

    Or if not up your sleeve then "in a hole".
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    Restoring a Gillwell hand axe

    I found a Gillwell hand ax at a carboot sale. I cleaned it up and gave it to my nephew. I had assumed it was a Scout brand ax from the association of the name with the Scout activity centre at Gilwell, but later realised that the spelling is different. So now I don't know whether there is any...
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    Building a rocket cook stove - can you help?

    Calcium aluminate cement, Aluminous cement, high-alumina cement and Ciment fondu all names for the same things are castable and refractory should be good for 1250C.
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    High temperature sheet material

    Graphite tape is used in my stove to seal the gland/control valve. I don't think it will wick. I have necer used it myself but have seen it discussed on various forums. Like "Classic pressure lamps" Details "Graphite foil is manufactured from expanded natural graphite which means it can be...
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    High temperature sheet material

    What about using graphite tape!
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    camp coffee?

    What about a Turkish coffee mill.
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    Number three Bushshirt finished! Yawn!

    Well done. Your making me jealous. I've still not got my hands on a pattern. if it's a large is there any chance you could make a copy of the pattern and send it on to Wattsy? I'm next after him on the pass around pattern list. Nick
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    Iron pyrites wanted!

    I can definately get a spark with the stuff I sent you. The sparks are best seen out of sunlight. But I don't know the name of the particular polymorph. Descriptions I have read would suggest it is marcasite. Nick P
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    Suffolk Bushcraft Group

    Going back to the offer of a shed. Is am having to replace my fence posts so will have posts that can be used for a shed base. I will keep them by until we know whether or not we will be able to have a shed.
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    Long lost book!

    Judy Urquhart. "Living Off nature" ISBN 0 7139 1229 4 Wrote an article for the Daily telegraph in 1971 about her experience living off the land the book was the follow up.
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    Suffolk Bushcraft Group

    I don’t like the idea of a load of kit bought or donated for the use and ownership of the group. As pointed out there is the problem of storage, maintence, replacement and collecting money etc as well as what happens to these things when we leave or if the group no longer meets. However...
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    Suffolk Bushcraft Group

    Just checked the dates for the next meet (Nov). Unfortunately I will be working that weekend and it will be the third meeting in a row that I am working. But on a brighter note the December (Christmas) weekend I am able to attend.
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    2 Night Monthly Suffolk Bushcraft Group Meeting September 6th and 7th 2013

    Of all the people I know, I thought it might be you who would have a set!
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    2 Night Monthly Suffolk Bushcraft Group Meeting September 6th and 7th 2013

    I am working this weekend but I can come out on saturday morning. Would anyone be interested if I brought my pole lathe? It has sat in my shed for years without use and I would be happy to leave at the site for people to have a go. It is only made of soft wood so won't last too long outside but...