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    Camp beds in tents

    Going to be doing a motorcycle trip to Auschwitz in July and camping. I always use an Exped Synmat but my mate needs his camp bed for his back. As he'll be borrowing one of my tents I'm worried about the feet damaging the tent floor. Are my concerns valid and should I be putting something...
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    Help identifying framed rucksack

    Anyone know what this is? Only wording inside is FVH Thanks for any help John Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
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    Condensation using tarp

    Spent Sunday night out under tarp in my back garden. Went into the hammock about 9.30pm and the underside was already damp which I presumed was condensation as the air was moist and the temperature had dropped to low single figures (4 degrees or so) When I woke up there was moisture on the...
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    Plans for 2016

    Can't believe I've made plans up to August next year already! But telling the wife n kids that the summer holiday is booked got me brownie points Which helped when I asked for a week to go to Poland for a bike rally then visit Auschwitz and Kutna Hora (the church of bones) on the way home...
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    Modding my rucksack

    Since starting bushcrafting this March I have been learning by noticing the kit others are using and asking questions then changing what I use and how I use it. But I can't fit all my kit into one rucksack so end up making several trips to and from the car. I've ordered a 70ltr rucksack from FB...
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    Buying a top quilt - max rating or not?

    I'm ready to move out of sleeping bags now I'm a happy hammocker. Bought the long winter under quilt from UK Hammocks second hand on here (it's rated at -15C) so that's the UQ sorted But would folks advise buying the warmest rating and then just adjust how it is used in warmer weather? Best...
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    Back button not working due to advertising script

    This lunchtime whilst enjoying perusing my favourite websites over my sarnies Bushcraft UK exhibited an annoying habit Pressing the Back button does not "go back", it stays on the same page. Further investigation revealed the last page visited was in fact not Bushcraft UK but ""...
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    White marks on tent fabric

    I am utilising an unexpected day off work (poorly 6 yr old) to clean my camping gear from this weekend's bike rally. Can anyone tell me what this white frosting is on my tent and an awning we have? I've always wiped and dried my tent on getting home so it's never knowingly been stored away...
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    Bored on a Saturday night

    Deciding that the new series of Ant & Dec isn't for me and with SWMBO's cries of "You're mad!!" ringing in my ears I decided to try something for outdoor camping other than one of my tents. Having a basha but no trees in the back garden I made best use of the decking 😂 So here we basha...
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    Rules for hanging out with you lot

    As a newbie and reading some of the "Out and About" reports, before I turn up to one of your gigs I just want to check out what the rules are. As a motorcyclist my kit is tent based due to the need to put my gear somewhere plus the load carrying capacity of the bike. So are "tenties" welcome...
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    Hello from Scunthorpe

    Hi to all I like to pack up my motorcycle with camping and cooking gear and head off to explore the UK and Europe Ride an Africa Twin (XRV750) and use either an Omega 350 or Treklite 200 depending on whether I'm having a base camp or moving around Gradually been refining my kit as I do...