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    For Sale British Primus type stove 1 pint

    Made by R M Mfg and Engineering as you can see on the instructions, in the days when Birmingham still had four digit phone numbers ! Lovely little stove is very good nick, no reairs on dints dings etc to speak of, serviced and fully working. Comes in metal box with legs, meths bottle, windshield...
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    Sabah shoes

    Thanks man, why didn’t I think of that ?
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    Sabah shoes

    Interesting….what about China ?
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    Sold SwedTeam Lynx Light Trouser Orange

    Yes please, I dont do PP but very happy to bank transfer if you send me the relevant details. nick
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    Gabardine Jacket Query

    A word for Ventile, I too has an SSAS smock which I got here second hand, wore for years, loved, and sold at a crazy profit on Ebay to part fund a Hilltrek Double ventile full zip jacket, a truly wondrous piece of kit. It will see me out. Never owned Gabardine but I too understand it go be...
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    Sabah shoes

    Keep see-them on FB, look nice. Anyone got any experience?
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    Minimalist / barefoot outdoor boots

    Thanks man, just got a pair, whats not to love ?
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    For Sale Parasene camp stove

    This nice little thing comes in its own box, 8x7x5 inches, and unpacks to give you a stove, windshield, meths tin etc. Serviced and fully working. Roarer burner. £25 posted
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    For Sale Two wallets

    Just the Levenger left.....
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    Pocket carry munchies

    Not read this whole thread but my local Pakistani grocers often has offers on big 700g bags of what they call luxury fruit and nut mix, two for twelve quid and its bloody good, loads of walnuts, cashews, sultanas, almonds. Bought for baking but realised that a small bag of that was easily lunch...
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    Suggestions - Whats good to forage now?

    Blackberries superb, there are always apple trees in long abandoned gardens if you keep your eyes open. Autumn raspberries ditto.
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    Sold Hjorth primus 5s

    OK, not had many takers for stoves on here but this one is a bit special. No sign of any repairs on it and very few dings and dents. Comes with cook ring and original Hjorth windshield. stamped Y25 on the base so I think that means 1934 as year of manufacture. Fully serviced and working...
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    Sold Maxpedition organiser

    Its the six by eight inch version, hardly used, 15 quid posted
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    For Sale Two wallets

    OK, now ten and fifteen posted……
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    For Sale Two wallets

    spec ops the wallet jr, loads of space in digicam £15 posted And this Levenger credit card size one, lovely leather, £20 posted.
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    For Sale Snugpak response olive green

    One tries to please !
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    For Sale Snugpak response olive green

    Spf to deercraft
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    For Sale Snugpak response olive green

    As picture, hardly used, pretty much mint. £12 bank transfer posted to you. Oh, and a free Grimlock.
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    What did you buy today?

    A lovely new cast iron skillet about 9 inch across with 2 inch deep sloped sides, a steal at 14.99, so good to find cast and not non stick stuff. Already used it, bloody heavy but very useful as a frypan, skillet or wok I should think. TK MAXX of course !