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    I found two antlers last weekend whilst on a Land Rover weekend and am thinking about using some of it for a knife handle on my homemade knife and my woodlore as well. Can any body telll me how to split the antler into good sized chunks. Should I use a saw or are there better ways? Does anybody...
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    Hi, I am just getting into making my own knives and was wondering if anybody has either a Bark RIver TUSK or a Gene Ingram Warncliffe as I am thinking about making a knife like this for my first DIY knife and was wondering if anybody could tell me the dimensions of either of these knives. It is...
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    These things are a lot like a beaver but they live in the alps and make great eating. I tried traditional marmotte stew with a french pasta the other day whilst skiing in France. I am told that it tastes like beaver but I have never tried beaver. Anybody tried both.
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    Anybody seen this website Good place to get Grohmann knives in Britain. I don't know if anybody is interested but I thought I'd post it anyway
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    Hello BCUK

    Just saying hi to all, i have been doing Bushcrafty type things for about 5 years now. I only just found the forums though.