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  1. swyn

    Iisakki Lappland puukko knfe

    Iisakki Lappland puukko utility knife. This knife is a gem in every way, BUT I can't for the life of me find another. One came up recently in the members sales, unfortunatly I missed it! Would anybody have one for sale please? The one I'm after is in a sheath with little Reindeer pictures...
  2. swyn

    Plastic litter.

    Met an interesting lady recently and have been looking at her website and thought that I should show it to other folks here! Enjoy the humour. Swyn.
  3. swyn

    Jim Crawford.

    addo took this picture at the APF show of a wonderful gentleman who has recently passed away. Jim had spent nearly all his life working in the Forestry world be it in this country and a time in Australia. He also served as a Guardsman as a young man. He was a late starter to climbing and axe...
  4. swyn

    Bushcraft. Site closure.

    This is something I thought that I would never have to post. Sadly and reluctantly, due to the actions of a few people, I am closing my site for the foreseeable future. Any visits, events or bushoots will be held by personal invitation only. Swyn.
  5. swyn

    Shing Bushcraft knife.

    I am selling a Shing Bushcraft knife at the New Year meet in Bucks this weekend. As I still haven't ever managed to post pictures on this site I feel that this is the best way to go! It is a wooden handled item with a 3 3/4" blade (rough guide only) and leather right handed sheath. It has...
  6. swyn

    Water slide in wales!

    Saw a little clip today showing pictures of Extreme Kayakers whizzing down the water chute at Llyn Brianne dam! There was the usual corporate mumblings to accompany the pictures but WOW, what a slide!! Swyn.
  7. swyn

    New Year Meet at Swyn's

    I am posting this little note to test the water. (Please note that this is now edited to the Hoot in 2010!) I would be happy to host another NEW YEAR meet for those interested. Dates are confirmed as 19, 20 & 21 Feb 2010. There are quite a few Christmas meets posted and I do not want to...
  8. swyn

    Bushcraft Insurance

    This seems to raise its head now on an annual basis! I sometimes get the feeling that when folks attend a meet and pay a small sum, to spend the weekend in a pleasant and safe environment, their thoughts are that the money raised goes straight onto the organizers pocket. Well to put the...
  9. swyn

    Birch tapping weekend at Swyn's in April.

    This is something that was discussed at the New year meet with various interested parties. I thought that I would post now to see If anyone had thoughts regarding the dates. Also the numbers of folks who would like to come. I would probably cap numbers at 20 bods (not children)...
  10. swyn

    Problems with accessing bucks bushcraft page

    Good morning people. Would one of the techies please take a look at the bucks bushcraft page. It comes up with the last written post but goes to a blank in about ten seconds. Perhaps an oversized picture? Other posts are consequently not accessible and new posting is impossible. Thanks for...
  11. swyn

    Christmas/New Years Meet at Swyns 5 & 6 Jan 2008

    I am starting a new thread here to save any confusion. There is a Christmas Meet planned here in Buckinghamshire on the weekend of the 5th and 6th of January 2008. This will be held at the same venue as the BCUK 'Christmas Moot' last year. There is a series of simple workshops planned...
  12. swyn

    Logging in problems

    Hi. I have the BCUK website on my bookmarks bar and usually just click on this to access the home page and then the forum. Since the middle of today I keep having to log in and provide my password which is annoying and frustrating. This is the first time this sort of problem has occured but...
  13. swyn

    Grass snake chemical defence

    I have just picked up an adult grass snake sunning itself in the middle of a lane near our office. Certainly the biggest snake that I have handled. (4 in my life) Very lively, very beautiful and about two feet long. At this time of the day there is quite a lot of traffic so it's life was at...
  14. swyn

    Honey Bee Alarm

    This is something that I have been following with interest of late as it may be a sign of serious problems in Mother Nature. Check out this website for a report on 'Colony Collapse Disorder' in Honey Bee populations; This has been talked about on Radio 4 and also by some...
  15. swyn

    Bucks Bushcraft group woods weekend.

    We had a very busy week-end building a three person group shelter using Ash and Hazel framing tied with natural cordage. This was then covered with a thick layer of Spruce brash. It needed to be thick as the East wind found it's way into any opening. The sleeping areas were also covered with 9''...
  16. swyn

    Good news from the Forestry Comission

    'A ground breaking study from the FC and Natural England has mapped accessible green space across the whole of the South East, and concluded that two-thirds of it is provided by woodlands. The research is based on Natural England's Access to Natural Greenspace Standard (ANGST)' Full details...
  17. swyn

    Wild ferrets farce

    I thought that I would put this up as it has made us all laugh. On Monday a friend rang my wife to tell us that she had seen two ferrets running loose in the woods near where she was riding her horse. She wondered if we knew if anyone had lost some. On wednesday the landlord at the pub had...
  18. swyn

    Roe deer

    Up here in this part of the Chilterns there is an expanding herd of Roe deer. Yesterday I recieved a 'phone call from a lady describing a place locally where she had seen an injured deer. I went hunting about in that area and came upon a Roe doe of this years vintage lying quite near the side of...
  19. swyn

    Wooden Elephant

    This was something that was in the Forestry and Timber News. Perhaps a BCUK browser has seen it; 40' animated wooden Elephant in London. The comment reads. 'I can't imagine how you get from having a ridiculous idea about building a 40' high animated Elephant to actually doing it. It was pretty...
  20. swyn

    Chequers for foragers

    I have just posted a note on another thread re native trees and this has just reminded me of a local unusual tree. Sorbus Torminalis or Wild Service Tree. This is an unusual and rare tree although I have come across it in Ashdown Forest too. and no doubt it appears in other parts of the UK. It...