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    Happy Birthday Sandbender

    Hope you had a good one Andrew
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    A leather cut throat razor sheath!

    Take it slow and make sure as has already been said get a properly 'honed' razor. I bought one recently from an online site who said that all their blades where honed unfortunately this wasn't to be the case. If might be worth getting on the forums and buying from an enthusiast who has a good...
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    Fjallraven smock no.1

    I've been using a lot of Fjallraven over the last year and have been quite impressed with the Keb line of products. I do however only buy it in the sale.
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    barefoot boots/shoes

    Vivo's are good if they don't fall apart due to the bad glue. This is meant to have been fixed now though. They have good boot in the pipeline so keep and eye on their site. Also have a look at Belville's mini miltec boots as they are good, although the heel is quite stiff and you may need to...
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    Hanwag boots: to gortex or not to gortex?

    Hi Tim Yes it was a good trip. Worth going if only to see the oldest Jungle before it gets logged. Good look with the boots. I had two pairs of Lowa Mountain boots one goretex lined and one leather lined and the leather were certainly better IMHO so I personally think you are making the right...
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    Hanwag boots: to gortex or not to gortex?

    I would go none goretex if your going to wear them for more than a day.(That's if you can find a none goretex/lined boot nowadays) Goretex boots take longer to dry out when wet, make your feet sweat and when they are covered in mud etc they won't breath anyway. I've always found leather none...
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    TAD Gear - Anyone own any?

    I have the Service Sweater and its very well made and fits well. Very expensive but I didn't see anyone else making anything similar. Happy with the purchase
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    Buffalo Shirt Help Please

    I have a couple of tecliite shirts, Super6 and mountain face tops. The teclite is great for active wear in not so cold conditions. Make sure if you get one you get the new version that has a draw cord in the neck and storm flaps. I bought my two at the same time but from different companies and...
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    Whats in your lifejacket

    I would suggest that if you don't know what a Mora knife is then you shouldn't be on a Bushcraft site!!!! As you say the rescue knife doesn't cut wood so I would suggest that the Mora knife is there TO CUT WOOD!!! Think about it for a minute your out in the middle of no where and you go over...
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    Woodsmoke Native Course 10-16th June?

    Hi is there anyone from here going on the Native course with Woodsmoke starting this weekend? Regards Richard
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    ray mears bedroll

    might be from this place
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    Campfire tripods and enamel boilers

    I would like to know where to get one of these too They want $141 to ship to the UK for a $31 product
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    Mad River Canoes

    Time for people to get their thinking caps on I think :)
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    midge head nets

    Yep just ordered 10 Mora knifes from them and they came next day. Great service from Bushwear
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    Mad River Canoes

    I'm always up for a paddle Rich. Just sent you an email Richie P.S Hmmm maybe there should be a BCUK canoe get together :D
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    Neck Sheath Pros/Cons

    I would have to agree with Bam. Whilst canoeing I have a purpose made rescue knife attached to my PFD. I would carry my bushcraft knife on my belt. Which would probably be a Mora. I don't think that my leather sheaf would like getting too wet. I don't think that there is much place for a...
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    Wilderness Techniques book -2.99

    You did well to pick that up for £2.99, if it's the same one that I have it cost me £5.99. Some good stuff in there although I don't agree with everything that they say. It's a lot of book for £2.99 though.
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    What's your every day pocket knife?

    Always some sort of SAK, usually a SAK Explorer. But I do like the look of the Spyderco Pen Knife.
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    Mad River Canoes

    QUOTE. Is "Mad Pierre" still there hanging on the rock face? lol Unfortunally we missed him this time round, although he was famous before we got there. :D Or at least his little friend was!! :eek: The aim of the thread was just to let people know that if they were thinking of one of...