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    Free to good home

    Had a clear out and found 2 kansas thermal tops in black nowt fancy but somebody might make use of them also got a pair of craghoppers aquadry waterproofs these are more of a lined pant type not over trousers w 36 shortish leg as i'm 6 ft and bit short on me if you want em let me know .
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    Long distance walk advice please

    Hello all,doing a 44 mile sponsored walk in spring any1 got ant tips on how to avoid blisters and what footwear boots or trainers/approach shoes all advice welcome thanks.
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    Army surplas liverpool

    Morning all and happy crimbo,having a trip to lpool shopping does anybody know of any surplas shops in the city centre area,thanks.
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    Free OS maps.

    Just emptied my 11 yo school bag and out fell a OS map of the area given as a freebie all the kids in her class got 1, with a guide to map reading good idea and more child friendly stuff at .Anybody else had a freebie wondering if it's a nationwide scheme.
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    Not sure its i'm posting this in the right section but i'm going to have a go at surfing next July /Aug [with 10 yr old lad]and looking at getting a wetsuit, anybody advise what the minimum thickness should be to be comfortable and any recommendations,cheers.
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    Baked spuds

    Cant cook em without burning on an open fire,how long do do you leave yours in,ta.
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    Can adders swim?

    Was on an island in the lakes on Sunday and amazes to see my first ever snake in the wild,nearly stood on it was a couple feet long was chuffed to have seen it.Bit nervous treading through the undergrowth after seeing it though.
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    Got a trangia set from clas olson where do i get fuel for it all tips welcome cheers.
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    Stilt shepards

    Listening to R5 yesterday had a bit about shepards getting about on stilts in France ,sounded interesting anyone got any further info etc cheers.
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    Timberland boots

    Got a pair of euro hikers that have no tread left on the soles rest of the boot is fine does anyone know if they can be re soled or is it not worth it.
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    Mora clipper and opinel kids knife.

    Just been looking online for a mora clipper found a deal combining that and a swedish firesteel for £15 99,anyone dealt with ronnie sunshines online shop, please let me know the service you got also getting my 9yo his 1st sharp knife saw an opinel knife aimed at kids with a rounded end for £9...
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    Where to go in S Cumbria

    I want to take my 10 yr old for a night in the woods anybody got any ideas where to go in the s lakes area,Thanks.
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    Don't buy these wellies

    Got a pair of wye valley from winfields wore them once ended up having to cut them off with a pair of scissors thought it was my fat calfs but my old fella was telling me he had to do the same with a pair he'd bought turns out exactly the same ones.
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    chrimbo watch

    hello all 1st post advice needed got a watch for xmas shows tide time moon needs setting to longitude etc help please.