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  1. FGYT

    Refurbished Falkniven F1

    Then.... Had a hard life as a school knife Rubber handle comes of easily . Drill the tube out and it pulls off Now G10 Multicam scales and Kryptec Kydex was fun drilling thro the Front pin hole in the tang
  2. FGYT

    11th Wedding Anniversary Knife and one for a friend Both N690

    Special knife finished and delivered for an 11 Wedding anniversary (Steel ) gift to her husband parrrently for chopping up meat n sausages at summer BBqs . Laser Logo is a design he did of their Initials and the date of the wedding they both have this as a matching Tattoo. I put in 11 satellite...
  3. FGYT

    DW Kukhuri 10" blade 10yr comp Knife finally finished

    Took a while Sorry Dave but here is the Finished Knife going out today
  4. FGYT

    Fridge is full Best get making bacon n Ham

    last 2 Pigs just came home in Big bits Just sits in the New Full hight fridge
  5. FGYT

    Liver pate Today (first Try)

    Nother first and another River cottage Recipe had 2 pigs Slaughtered last week so have been making Sausages all weekend (70lbs so far) made 2 x 500gm in 1lb Loaf tins
  6. FGYT

    Home cure ham

    Well in the interests of making room in the freezer for the next 4 pigs over the next few weeks ive defrosted a large leg joint and making up the Cure to turn it into ham cure is Salt Sugar black treacle Cider apple juice and a few herbs n spices recipie form the river cottage...
  7. FGYT

    My home build Night vision add on for shooting (Video)

    THought i had pit this up as pics before heres a my Set up ive been developing over a couple of years and using like this most of this year works great on the airgun (sub 12ft lbs ) on rabbits and rats and should fit straight on the 17HMR / 17 Hornet and 22LR when i get them for...
  8. FGYT

    4 Big blades now up and running Parang, Khukuri, Golock Machete

    Some of these have their own thread on here Ive now got the 4 large blades ive been working on up to a usable finish for testing and all with their own scales as i was swapping the set of the parang back and forth as they all have the same scale profile and with different spacer liners...
  9. FGYT

    DW Machete

    Not something i was planning to do as generally Machetes are a cheap tool and work But a guy on BB asked for a custom one because He wanted one :cool: made in UK and custom nothing massively special about the blade its a std design 18" I decided to use the handle I put on my...
  10. FGYT

    10yrs COMP Just realised I Have been a member here for a while now

    So Feb 2004 I joined and a decade later Im still here :nana: so give away time std random number draw put your names in the list Prize will be a ................................. 1st A New...
  11. FGYT

    First full knives finished for a long time

    Well been a while since I made a full knife as custom Kydex has been taking up lot of available work time last year just now catching up on knives for the customers who have put up with the wait Heres the ones done in the last couple of weeks still only 4 and ive the Kydex sheathing to do...
  12. FGYT

    you tube on fire steels interesting

    May have been put up before
  13. FGYT

    DSK in N690 And DSK Mini's in 52100

    =============================================== Sorry you ARE legally allowed to Own and use Knives BUT I cannot legally sell them to you Please do not try or be offended if asked for ID Or are refused sale if you have No ID proof of age This applies even if you live outside UK <<<<<<Age...
  14. FGYT

    DSK upgrade and now in N690 with the DSK Mini

    A short Vid of the DSK features and the new N690 version ok its more a couple Tweeks than a 2.0 Uber Super ultimate Pro redesign :D
  15. FGYT

    No Striker Easy Ferro Rod ignition

  16. FGYT

    DSK Acid etched With neck sheath in N690

    Just started playing with Acid etching and this is one of the first a DSK new pattern with Slotted tang and Triangle hole in 4.75mm N690 Full flat grind rounded tang Positive etched my leaf logo along both sides black kydex Pancake sheath with cut outs and Gunmetal eylets
  17. FGYT

    A few Custom Ish Knives with Kydex recently done Chopper , Stalker, Survival/Back up

    Haven't posted up for ages and Sorry its more of an advert need to get out and do some s'hraftin soon :hammock: Custom ish as most are modifications of std pattern of mine The first is probably the most Customer lead knife. I got a detailed profile taken from the CAD drawings on the...
  18. FGYT

    I also Cook !!!........... Ulu

    Been wanting to try an Ulu for a few years now and it seems a good follow on from me trying the north American Indian Carving tools As usual ive started close to an existing old pattern before thinking of any drastic changes ive also gone for one you cant put your fingers thru so it...
  19. FGYT

    Blue and Carbon fiber Kydex for a Stu Wilson Tanto

    Heres one that Stu W made the mistake of saying " Do what ever you feel like for the Sheath" Ive wanted to try some layered pierced Kydex to see what effect you can have fittted to a tek lok large with stainless steel Chicago bolts gloss back finish for horizontal carry so to...
  20. FGYT

    XL Nessy and DSP in Carbon fiber

    Been wanting to do a Nessy XL with CF Handles for a while and Big rick had some 15mm thick stuff for me but as usual a customer wants the same so had to sacrifice the bits but definitely going to do another for me :cool: this is the 3.5mm thick but a full height Primary...