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  1. Shambling Shaman

    Glad to be back.

    Firstly thanks for sorting this out Tony ☺ So long story short, moved 3 times changed job twice and only just settling back down. I'm now closer to Glasgow or more exactly just outside of Bridge of Weir. Will try and catch up with what I've missed. Again nice to be back 🍻🍻
  2. Shambling Shaman

    Interesting cooker?

    Rechargeble battery powered stove.
  3. Shambling Shaman

    A song for those who appreciate wood stoves...

    Not been hear for a while but seen this a thought of you all. A song for those who appreciate wood stoves....:
  4. Shambling Shaman

    Today we had to say good bye to our old dog.

    Today we had to say good bye to our old dog Broch. We had some great times and he will be sorely missed.
  5. Shambling Shaman

    Wasp nest!

    So new job new house a wee wasp issue... Have got the activity down to zero with a combination of traps and spray, I've never removed a nest of this size before not even close biggest ive dealt with was at max 4" this is in the feet range. Pointers and advice welcome. Its also in a...
  6. Shambling Shaman

    Robin Williams :-(

    Sad news.
  7. Shambling Shaman

    New Job - House move

    Been offered a fantastic opportunity to work at an estate near Edinburgh and have excepted. Now have 2 weeks to pack. So a hectic few days ahead.
  8. Shambling Shaman

    A bit of blacksmithing

    Took part in the blacksmithing workshop at the PF Scotland summer camp the project was to make a rose. The wife was happy.
  9. Shambling Shaman

    Machete MOD.

    Did this MOD to my machete. Holes Endless loop Start of the weave Finished handle, just enough room for my leather work gloves.
  10. Shambling Shaman

    Frosty Morning

    A light frost this morning.
  11. Shambling Shaman

    BCUK Blocked

    Twice this week I've been blocked from BCUK, nothing sinister just thought I would share.
  12. Shambling Shaman


    Heard my first cuckoo of the year this morning...this could be spring time despite having a wee dusting of snow on the hills a few days ago.
  13. Shambling Shaman

    Possibly new 4x4?

    This might have fitted in the transport or edge tools section? The office have told me there hoping to replace my old ride on mower with this and a new strimmmer? Shiny new toys....if it happens :)
  14. Shambling Shaman

    Replacement for 550??

    Intresting, any one with first hand knowledge of this stuff.
  15. Shambling Shaman

    Final Home long coat

    Found one of these in our local charity shops £1 heading for the BOB
  16. Shambling Shaman

    A Cheap, Promising Way to Filter Water: Through A Twig

    Seen this thought it worth sharing.
  17. Shambling Shaman

    Were wrong?
  18. Shambling Shaman


    Found a zippo in a box of stuff my Dad gave me, was broken in so far as the flint would not engage on the wheel. So after a bit of fine wire wiggling a bit of old flint fell out and bingo works fine :)
  19. Shambling Shaman

    Tapatalk Problem?

    I can upload photos now? Asks me if I've got the latest version which I have. any one els had this? rob
  20. Shambling Shaman

    Silverfire Scout

    My birthday in march :)