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  1. scottisha5

    A short film about my leatherwork

    Great film Hamish, enjoyed finding out more about you, makes the things I have of yours seem more authentic. Best wishes John
  2. scottisha5

    Tactic-9 Gorka Mountain jacket

    Lithe lol Im certainly not lithe, good word though. Im a member of the PGC, Portly Gentlemans Club, we meet in fish and chips shops
  3. scottisha5

    Tactic-9 Gorka Mountain jacket

    Nicey, Ive got the full suit, got it from Russia, its an excellent piece of kit. Yeah its buttons but its Russian military so its soldier proof. Get the braces with the trousers if you do it. I had mine on in torrential rain yesterday on a Woodlands Way course and it dries in no time due to...
  4. scottisha5

    Trent Knife and Tool (TKT) “Allen Field Knife” Review (pic heavy)

    Hi Ken, the knife fits my hand well, im a size 9 in a glove if that helps. Because there is no finger profiling the handle is easy to hold and manover. This makes it great to carve, notch and do intricate work as well as workhorse stuff. Atb John
  5. scottisha5

    Trent Knife and Tool (TKT) “Allen Field Knife” Review (pic heavy)

    Thanks Dave, my thoughts as well, its plain, its simple and it does everything you need a knife to do.
  6. scottisha5

    Trent Knife and Tool (TKT) “Allen Field Knife” Review (pic heavy)

    Hello everyone, I’m delighted to be able to do this review on this lovely field knife. Ok first up I'm no knife expert so please put up with layman's terms for this review. Also please note these are my own opinions, I do not work for Elliot at TKT nor am I being paid to do this review. This...
  7. scottisha5

    Trip Report The Inaugural Gathering of the Steam Tent Co-operative.

    What a superb write up on what looks like a great gathering. Amazing stuff, the victorians really were an inventive lot. Thank you for the report. Atb John
  8. scottisha5

    Basketry, Scotland.

    Quite agree Mary, was loads of fun learning and although it was my first time I reckon i could do something similar. Im going to go again for the next one. Im just back from a days forging my own knife with everythingmac. Long day but was great fun. Back next week to finish it off but its...
  9. scottisha5

    Basketry, Scotland.

    Im still admiring mine Mary. I think mine will be for holding all the velcro you gave me lol. Ill be going on the next one too but before that im going to practice. Also decided to go to traquair on the Sunday 27th. See you there if your going. Thanks for organising today. John
  10. scottisha5

    Basketry, Scotland.

    And here is the result. What a great day willow weaving with Joan Campbell at Mugdock Park today. Great to meet Toddy (Mary) and John C and the others who came to the course. Looking forward to the next ome now. My basket is a bit wonky in places but it was very diplomatically described as...
  11. scottisha5

    Sold Andy Wood AWS4.5

    Im sobbing my heart out here and stamping my feet. Seriously though i hope you enjoy the knife Phil and Clem thanks for all the emails before. Atb John
  12. scottisha5

    Sold Trent Knife & Tool (TKT) 'Allen' 4" Field Knife

    Hi Doc, Back from holiday today so will be doing a review this week coming. Ill keep you updated. John
  13. scottisha5


    On a vanilla holiday right now in Jersey, can’t wait to get back and solo camp under canvas, well jealous mate looks great. Thanks for posting pics :)
  14. scottisha5

    new member

    Oi oi, welcome mate, John from Motherwell here. Have fun
  15. scottisha5

    For Sale A beautiful pair.....

    A super pair indeed, what are they Robbi?
  16. scottisha5

    Knifemaking feedback - All appreciated!

    I’m on holiday so not used mine yet but my twopence on bushcraft knives is that they are a personal preference. Jimping takes away part of the spine that can be used for scraping wood for tinder and for ferro rod striking. Using the spine further away from the handle makes it less controlable...
  17. scottisha5

    Sold Trent Knife & Tool (TKT) 'Allen' 4" Field Knife

    Hello all, Just a note to say I received this knife today and its a piece of art. I'm going away for a weeks holiday tomorrow but on my return I'll do a review on it. Elliot has done an amazing job here, its a knife that says use me I can cut anything you want. Even the sheath is a good...
  18. scottisha5

    Finally doing it....1st camp with 4 & 5 year olds

    Being a parent, and having watched my young people grow up also enjoying camping it always makes me feel good when i see other families doing the same. Have a great time, lather the smidge on and lets see the photos. Atb John