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  1. Retired Member southey

    Seal skin kit at discounted prices.

    I've just orderd a mountain cap for me and my little girl, also some new mitts :) a guy on an ML forun posted it. Have fun. Southey.
  2. Retired Member southey

    Hi gear Inferno stove?

    Hi. Has anyone used a Hi gear inferno stove? This: Any good or bad points?. Many thanks.
  3. Retired Member southey

    Farewell chaps,

    YO! I just wanted to say cheerio, I have not been enjoying my time here of late for what ever reason, so I have decided to leave you guys before I say something that I would feel bad about:D I have had great fun here and would like to thank most of you(you know who you are) for your...
  4. Retired Member southey

    Hmmmm I had A thought today,

    I found myself wondering if the proliferation on-line lives removes the need to experience the world as a real place, after all why climb that mountain or cross that river if you can log on to google earth and see what is on the other side, click on face book and see the written and...
  5. Retired Member southey

    Just to say YAY!

    I have always said the best way to find free wood for carving is to keep asking any tree surgeon types you see about, you may get lucky you may find its all going to be chipped or you may get a no, Whilst taking a bimble to the spar for some lard(dairy milk bars) I spotted a chap, up a tree...
  6. Retired Member southey

    DAMMIT! leather ax holster

    I was challenged to make an ax holster, so, here it is, pre dyed and finished, BOOM! :D
  7. Retired Member southey

    Any mountain leaders or on the way to it out there,

    Is it as expensive as it first looks or are the courses and assessments spread apart enough with logging hours to make it an easier pill to swallow, also do you reckon I could cover some of it with my E learning credits?
  8. Retired Member southey

    tool roll with kit

    Well thats my leather projects finished:D The last bits finished last night, a mask for my awl and a new cover for a dc3, All together, awl, dc3, spoon knife, crooked knife and a mora basic carving knife, POW! the ferro is attached to the belt keeper I made, Cheers...
  9. Retired Member southey

    Leather sheath and spoon knife mask

    Well that's my leather work done for the off season, needed a make for my spoon knife and wanted to clothe a new carving knife in a better outfit:) Really worked on getting the stitching straight on this one, I marked and awled it after cutting out the plan, then wetted and dyed, left the welt...
  10. Retired Member southey

    Your favorite pic of a place youve not been too

    This is mine, It is Grey owls cabin, I am going to go and have a nosey, just the when is to be sorted, what is yours?
  11. Retired Member southey

    BOOM! crook knife sheath,

    I kept finding the leather wrap i used to cover the blade of my crook knife kept coming undone, Sooooooooo I decided to make a nice little sheath that may stay on a little better, I need to improve my awl lining upatude skills, but I am happy with how this turned out, Planned out on a cereal...
  12. Retired Member southey

    Knocked up a mask for a bowl adze,

    I currently have Raikeys bowl adze residing with me so thought I would have a pop at making a mask for it, I first tried the pattern out in a paper mock up, then once a little adjustment was made to lengthen the strap over the head I went straight to leather, At this stage all I had done was...
  13. Retired Member southey

    Super simple modification of the GB axe mask

    Howdy chaps, I felt like personalising my axe today, so cut the strap off, reshaped the end, used a stitch groover to add a little detail, lined up the strap in its new position, marked and awled the holes ready to sew, Attached using saddle stitch, and that's it finished, There you...
  14. Retired Member southey

    Frontier stove

    Howdy, used the Frontier stove for a solid 26 hours, it was only fed split and whole(as size permitted) lime wood logs, at 0230 this morning I awoke to find that the flu was blocked and the lavvo full of smoke(plenty of ventilation, the smoke came down to head height if sitting down) I found a...
  15. Retired Member southey

    Did you watch the country file weather?

    Forecasting tumbling temp for the end of th week :D just in time for a family camp out next weekend with the lavvo :D :D
  16. Retired Member southey

    Wenger ranger 67, Wilkinsword survival knife(Dartmoor knife)

    Hello chaps:D SOLDSOLDSOLD Both items used but not abused in any way, Prices include Paypal and post and packing, not looking for trades, UK and over 18 only, I will not sell to you if I am not sure your old enough, first to pm then post in thread please, SOLDWenger Ranger...
  17. Retired Member southey

    forum down for you too?

    Forum outage for a time this morning. For you too?
  18. Retired Member southey

    A slower trundle round the Odiham area, and A CASTLE!!!!!PIC HEAVY

    I decided to go for a trundle over to the Greywell tunnel on Sunday, I have read about it but never seen the entrance, it is now the farthest point of the Basingstoke canal you can reach by canoe, as the tunnel collapsed quite a few years ago, I also stopped off at Odiham castle, here some int...
  19. Retired Member southey

    Spyderco UKPK and sheath

    !SOLD! Used, some marks on the blade, V sharp and cared for, all screws tight, sheath is secure and comfy, If you would like any further pics or have any questions please PM me, £30 inc paypal and postage, uk only, buyer must be over 18 Comes with the box too...
  20. Retired Member southey

    HOLY SMOKES!!!! Expensive book,

    I understand that things get expensive if there is a market to support it, but I know this is a great book, I bought mine for £8 posted from the same seller, it arrived in pristine condition, but this is a crazy price...