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  1. tommy the cat

    Seed selection

    Just a quickie.... im looking at seeds in the D.T Brown catalogue and was unclear about F1. Now I presume that F1 means you can't seed save from that plant?? I was kindly given benchmaster runner beans this season which have been great but was wondering if I can keep the seed for next year? I...
  2. tommy the cat

    Recommend me some seed...

    Well its that time of year that I'm looking towards next season and buying seed. I was lucky to get some seed from British Red who was very generous as was Toddy with her blackcurrant cuttings. I'm after recommendations on organic seed where possible of varieties proven to you. I saved my own...
  3. tommy the cat

    Bit of tidying

    Should be digging some of these up tomorrow Bit of a disaster on the beans front.... terrible germination this year of the French beans...gonna try another variety Bout it at the mo.....lots of raspberries... F
  4. tommy the cat

    First earliest in..

    Well finally got 20ft of spuds in. The weather has been either wet or cold here but it seems that the soil has warmed up nicely so I put them in. A bit overkill for such a small patch but tried out this gadget... The wizard beans were starting to flower so they got chopped up to be used as a...
  5. tommy the cat

    First earliest in..

  6. tommy the cat

    Up and over garage door adjustment

    I know it's not remotely bushy but my garage door has dropped... Well to be honest it's never fit really well since we moved into the house and I've just used the garage for wood really. But now I want to make it secure and more of a work shop. It's the type with the two springs either side...
  7. tommy the cat

    Gory pics warning

    Found this girl today Anyone seen this before?? Is that a bullet wood hind quater? ?? I put a trail cam on her to see what turns up. D
  8. tommy the cat

    Gory pics warning

  9. tommy the cat

    Just dissecting tawny pellets

    Been a lot of fun...Ive got another few to play with but they're not complete...I'd love to get a compete skeleton. D
  10. tommy the cat

    British Red hammer

    Hugh I can't remember what hammer it was you were after??? My mates got two boxes of old hammers here.......😉 D
  11. tommy the cat

    Today's about holes..

    Been mooching today....not a lot of time but we make the best of what we've got... Less than 3 cm mice,vole, shrew. At best guess this looks like a snuffle from a badger. The proximity of the tree suggest it's not a deer Off to the badgers sett... Very obvious d shape to a badgers hole...
  12. tommy the cat

    A bit of dirt time

    Started in my old stomping ground the quarry.. Quiet although saw a few birds long tail tits, bull finches .. Plenty of deer sign. Playing in the mud Change of scene... fallow deer jumping this fence to browse in the field . Landing zone. Croatia Poor focus sorry but a nice example of a...
  13. tommy the cat

    Poop collection

    Fetched a second lot of well rotted horse and alpaca muck today.... should of been on the ground months ago but better late than never eh. Hanna saying hello to the daft looking boys. What you been up to on the allotment recently? D
  14. tommy the cat

    Balti sauce

    After moaning on a few occasions about the mushroom balti we've had delivered.....Ive decided to have a go myself at making one myself. Any good tied and tested recipes out there??? It's got to be reasonably mild for H ..... There seems to be so many different variants I'm not sure where to...
  15. tommy the cat

    B'RS parsnip seed.

    If anyone else has any spare room to grow them I'd fully recommend buying parsnip seed from British Red. They are the nicest parsnips I think I have ever grown....I picked this Christmas morning..enough for 4 of us! Dave
  16. tommy the cat


    So what varieties of seeds have you bought/recommend for next season? ?? I'm after a plum type tomato for making sauces with....I think a friend has some Italian seed from his travels I may try... Anything new anyone's trying?? I'm going for less eating toms next year as I just can't eat them...
  17. tommy the cat

    Tidying up

    Field beans are a little on the large side as the weather has been so mild!! I've planted these this year as a green manure. Having a bit of a tidy up around the beds. Still need to manure up as well as pick up some top soil. Greenhouse looks a bit sad. The black on the soil are carpet tiles...
  18. tommy the cat

    Welsh coast

    I quite liked this shot. Took with the Samsung s5 phone as the missus was hogging my dslr 😨 D
  19. tommy the cat

    Good supplier stove/lamp stuff.

    I know it's been said before.... but rang Base Camp for a washer for a stove I'm fettling with and had a great chat with the lady.. Really knowledgeable, free with her advice and the part will be with me in a couple of days. Happy days. So if you need bits for a Tilley lamp or stove etc visit...
  20. tommy the cat

    Cold frames

    I've got a couple here but once again an intersting article on the subject.