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  1. Miyagi

    Old Codgers and Old Bergans...

    I love old framed bergans but as I near 50 I have to admit - they're heavy, too heavy, even when empty. As a 9 stone 18 year old, two weeks wages was a small price to pay back in the 80's for a Cyclops Vulcan. The ability to carry a house on your back as you cut about on exercise was a huge...
  2. Miyagi

    Flee for your lives - he's back!!!

    Hi folks! I'm back and I still use postal orders and wellies!!! Due to a hefty workload over the last 2 years I gave the t'interweb a bit of a swerve for the most part. Not been out much except for the odd bimble with the dog but kept in touch with some folk on the book of face. Admins; can...
  3. Miyagi

    Happy Birthday Barn Owl

    Happy Birthday Tam :D Liam
  4. Miyagi

    Happy St. David's Day

    There'll be a welcome in the hillside, there'll be a welcome in the dales, the sheep will all be tied to fence posts when you come home again to Wales... Happy St Davids Day
  5. Miyagi

    CAUTION - strange find in new sleeping bag!!!

    I saw the Tesco "lounger" type sleeping bag for sale a few days ago, designed to be used with those loungers used by fishermen, and as it was reduced from £30 to £6 I decided to buy one. Last night I tried it out; stacks of room below my feet, quite wide, warm and lightweight-ish and I slept...
  6. Miyagi

    Tesco 6 man tent - huge price reduction!

    A heads up for those in the Edinburgh/South Queensferry area; Tesco South Queensferry, (at the Scotstoun interchange/roundabout on the South side of the Forth road bridge) had reduced their 6 man tents to £60. These are now down to £30 and they've about four left. Try your other Tesco stores...
  7. Miyagi

    Shepherd's Whistle - Aaaargh!!!

    I bought one of them thar Shepherd's Whistles last week. I've plenty of whistles but thought I'd give one of these a go as my dog is part Border Collie. In the good weather "lip whistling" is simple but in late Autumn and Winter it's not so easy. In fact my lower lip can split wide open, a...
  8. Miyagi

    Helicopter Display

    I was given a heads up on this by a mucker on another site. I've never seen anything like it - amazing skill. Enjoy, Liam
  9. Miyagi

    Outdoor enthusiast vacancy - edinburgh.

    Hi folks, Spotted this job in Jobcentre Plus yesterday; Outdoor Enthusiast/Tipis Job Ref HRG/32532 26-36 hours per week (average), Dayshift, Permanent, £5.93 per hour. Duties include raising tipis, laying flooring, arranging furniture, hanging lights. No weekend work. Own transport...
  10. Miyagi

    Who's had a good day today?

    I have. I've had one of the most chilled out, laid back days that I can remember in years. Sorry no fotos as I don't have a camera. Woke up very early to blazing sunshine and Treacle my dog "telling" me he can hear the chickens in the back garden blethering and needs to go out and "check" on...
  11. Miyagi

    Tesco - fail...

    Popped into Tesco today and spotted a dinky wee alu 1L kettle that can be used on gas, open fire or hob. £7 and it doesn't even whistle!!! I bought an electric kettle there last week and it was only about a fiver. Numpties... Liam
  12. Miyagi

    Your "Funeral" Song

    Inspired ny ph34r's thread on folks' favourite bushcraft song. What song(s) would you especially like played at your interring or flambe? We each have songs we feel identify us, make us happy, make us sad or remind us of times, places and people we've known and loved. Among many other songs...
  13. Miyagi

    TV Arial acting as impromptu hose!!!

    Summats not right. Freeview box went off a wee while ago so I pulled the TV out from the corner to check the connections etc. It was then I noticed a dried "tide mark" on the back of the TV, threading it's way floor ward from the arial socket. Upon pulling the arial out my hand was covered in...
  14. Miyagi

    PVC Drainage Pipe to carry/store a tent etc.

    Hi all. Not sure if this is in the right place? I'm using my old GS Bergan and other old school kit to carry my wee tent, sleeping bag etc. I've dispensed with the roll mat and use one cheapo tesco sleeping bag as a mat/insulator and my 80's foil lined Moonbag to kip in, both pack down small...
  15. Miyagi

    Earth calling Johnnytheboy

    Earth Calling Johnnytheboy, Earth Calling... Johnny me boy, Apparently yer box is full. :D You need to start deleting PM's. :lmao::lmao: Cheers Liam
  16. Miyagi

    Reality TV? Too far this time...

    I don't beleive this, on BBC1 is a programme "Famous Rich and Jobless". Has reality TV gone too far? I can dance like michael jackson - So can I now cos he's deed. Celebrity Homeless - that was a joke as well. But this? Is it just me, or is this in extremely bad taste considering the...
  17. Miyagi

    Secret Bushcrafter's Ball

    Inspired by a comment made by MickG on the "when was the last time you had a wash" thread, with a passing nod to The Secret Policeman's Ball, I give you MickG's reply; "Hot water bottles? What were those? We had the plates out of the oven by the fire wrapped in news paper and a towel, thick...
  18. Miyagi

    Ed Wardle on C4 0050hrs

    I've just noticed that Ed Wardle's film "Alone in the Wild" is on channel 4 tonight at 0050 hrs. I've seen him mentioned on quite a few forums in regard to "what if/living in the cuds" threads but have never seen the film. Just a heads up for folks who, like me, haven't seen it. Liam
  19. Miyagi

    Thank You BCUK

    I'd just like to say how impressed I am by this site. It's an absolute treasure chest of information, tips and advice that have already saved me learning things the hard way. I registered the other year but due to work etc, only in the past few days have I actively used this wonderful...
  20. Miyagi

    Hi from South Queensferry

    Hi Everybody. Logged on a few weeks back but just getting around to dipping the old toes in the water. Noticed a few Edinburgh area and Ayrshire posters which is good. I've heard good things about the Bushmoot down South. Would be good if there were enough folk up here to justify one in...