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  1. Cobweb

    If you could only keep one Bushcraft skill?

    I agree, it's what I would choose also.
  2. Cobweb

    Prehistoric Tools Online Study Day Wales

    Brill, thank you, I'm also booked! :beerchug:
  3. Cobweb

    Leather Survival Tin Pouch

    That looks amazing well done!
  4. Cobweb

    1970's Reality TV Survival show - Youtube video

    I love these old videos, no talking about which type of steel is better or the brand of xyz . Just simple and honest (as much as can be with TV) people trying to survive. It is wonderful!
  5. Cobweb

    1970's Reality TV Survival show - Youtube video

    Just had the Youtube gods bless me with this gem!
  6. Cobweb

    Shropshire Outdoor Show

    *Not sure if the right place or not* I was wondering if anyone has been to this? I'm thinking of going this year as it's not too far from me and I thought it might be interesting for others in the midlands/wales area to know about it. Their website is a bit difficult to read but here it is...
  7. Cobweb

    Pit Firing Clay

    A grass mat and outer basket makes complete sense and if the materials are there then why not eh? I can't wait until they develop teleporters!
  8. Cobweb

    Pit Firing Clay

    If all goes well ;)
  9. Cobweb

    Pit Firing Clay

    I have it, thank you :D
  10. Cobweb

    Pit Firing Clay

    Thank you so much for your generous offer, I'll send you a PM just now :)
  11. Cobweb

    Pit Firing Clay

    Hahaha that's amazing! I love the fact she knew what the construct was as well :)
  12. Cobweb

    Pit Firing Clay

    That's brill Toddy! Thank you so much <3 I'll give it a go :D
  13. Cobweb

    Will lord bow raffle

    Thank you for the share (I may've bought a couple of tickets by accident ;) )
  14. Cobweb

    Pit Firing Clay

    I've been getting really interested in pit firing clay and *eventually* I will be digging up my own garden for the stuff, however at the moment I just can't (which is really frustrating by the by) anywho, I was just wondering if you fine people have any good recommendations for online companies...
  15. Cobweb

    Willow basket tips?

    Look forward to seeing the results and yup, I was :)
  16. Cobweb

    Journaling Course - Free till 5pm

    Very interesting, thank you for the heads up Tony! I *want* to journal but it only lasts for a couple months before I wonder off to the next shiny thing lol so I'm hoping that this course will keep me focused :thankyou:
  17. Cobweb

    Willow basket weaving

    I have basket envy right now! I'm so impressed with your work here! :beerchug:
  18. Cobweb

    Willow basket tips?

    I've whacked together a few baskets in my time and For a first one, yours looks miles better than the one I did. I'm still trying to make baskets and can confirm it's an ongoing learning curve :canoe:
  19. Cobweb

    Acres of Canvas - What to Make?

    If it's waterproof, how abouts a Coracle?
  20. Cobweb

    2021 Summer BushMoot - 26 July - 7 August 2021

    I'm going to have to live vicariously again this year, still not able to travel far and still unstable, I'm looking forward to all of the photos and stories :240: