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  1. ocean1975

    Leather items

    Hi all.Thought id share some of the leather items I’ve made recently.It’s a fun hobby to get into during lockdown,takes you mind away for a while.
  2. ocean1975

    Drop down pouches

    Hi all, Ive been making a few things lately,mainly knives and leather work.i’ve made this drop down pouch out of leather and waxed cotton canvas.Ideal for foraging,tinder collection maybe a catty ammo pouch,water bottle holder or even as a beer can holder,choice is yours really.I was thinking...
  3. ocean1975

    Knife build

    Hi folks,I made another knife,4 mm 01 tool steel with a 15 degree scandi grind.I used Scottish walnut for scales,G10 1.5 mm black liners,6 mm mosaic pins and an 8 mm brass lanyard.Every knife I make I Feel like I learn something new,it’s a great hobby I’ve got into and hopefully my knives will...
  4. ocean1975

    Spalted beech knife

    Hi all,though I would share anther knife I have made.I made it from 4 mm 01 tool steel which I put a scandi grind on.It has spalted beech scales,red g10 liners,6 mm mosaic pins and 8mm brass lanyard
  5. ocean1975

    I made knife

    Hi all,I thought I would share a knife I made out of 01 tool steel,heat treated by stew of this parish,It’s the fist time I’ve made a knife out of 01 4 mm tool steel,and first time I have put a full flat grind on.I added red liners with olive wood scales 6 mm mosaic pins and 8 mm brass lanyard...
  6. ocean1975

    Possibles pouch

    Hi all,made a possibles pouch out off 4 mm tooling leather,wet formed, with oak leaf stamping and brass stud closer.Not bad for my first attempt.
  7. ocean1975

    File knife

    Made a knife out of a file whilst off in lockdown,a hobby I would like to continue.The wood is black and white ebony with red liners,mosaic pins with brass lanyard,I’ve got the knife making bug.I also made the sheath,another interesting hobby I enjoy.
  8. ocean1975

    Autumn days

    Just thought I would share a short video I made,trying to capture autumn in the woods. Hope you enjoy it Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. ocean1975

    Possibles pouch

    For Christmas I was lucky enough to receive a lovely possibles pouch.It was beautifully made by Beaver Bushcraft and smells absolutely amazing. I have changed the content a few times and have had to replace things that I’ve used,such as new batteries and gaffa tape that came in handy to patch a...
  10. ocean1975

    For sale full length under quilt

    Full length under quilt for sale,very well made from someone from this Parrish,only selling as I have a new ukhammocks one and this is now surplus to me.I have had many comfortable night all through the seasons with this.I am asking £45 pound for it...
  11. ocean1975

    Full length under quilt

    Full length under quilt,very well made, made buy someone on this forum,can't remember who now but it really is a lovey under quilt.Only selling as I have a new Ukhammock that was brought as a present a while back,so no need for this one.£45 posted. Mods please could you move this to the right...
  12. ocean1975

    Sold For sale DD Jura 2 sleeping bag

    DD Jura 2 sleeping bag only use a few times as I prefer my arctic bag £45 posted Mods please could you move this to the for sale section please,thank you. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. ocean1975

    Stove in a bergans tipi

    Hi all,I have a bergan of norway 6/8 man tipi tent that I brought from ray mears site last year and I would like to put a frontier stove in there for the up and coming winter.Has anyone got any experience with putting a frontier stove in one.would I need extra flue sections,I think there is a...
  14. ocean1975

    Shrink pot

    Just thought I would share with you a little carving project I did the other day,a shrink pot I carved out of a pine branch.Fun and quite easy to make. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. ocean1975

    Carving pine wood

    Hi all,in the cemetery where my dad is they have cut down a lot of pine trees,I was wondering if it is any good for caving spoons or maybe a kuska.I have carved a few spoons before but have used sycamore and Hazel with happy results. Cheers Andy.
  16. ocean1975

    New lb. customs knife

    This is my new knife made by lucklee of this forum.It is called the missing link,it has a full flat grind with red liners and the wood scales are 2000 year old olive wood.I asked lee to do some file work along the back of the knife handle which I love..Stunning work,I am a very proud owner...
  17. ocean1975

    Has anyone heard from vizsla?

    Has anybody that brought items from vizsla last month received the items they brought,only I brought a crook knife from him and I still have not received item.I have sent PM's.Im not being impatient,I'm just wondering if anyone else is in the same boat as me as he was selling quite a few things...
  18. ocean1975

    Another spoon

    I caved this spoon out of sycamore at the bushcraft magazine mayday meet the other weekend and I sanded it when I got quite pleased with it,it's definitely the best one I've done so far but it's only my third attempt.i'm just waiting for my own gransfors bruks hand hatchet to arrive so I...
  19. ocean1975

    Bootfair bargain

    Morning all,I have been to a bootfair this morning and got a few bargains,but one of them I think might be a ray mears woodlore knife that got for £20.And even if it's not genuine it's still a great knife at that price.Will anybody on the forum be able tell if it's a genuine woodlore knife...
  20. ocean1975

    The bushcraft magazine mayday meet

    It's getting close to that time for the annual bushcraft magazine mayday meet,in egerton kent.Its a great family friendly event with lots going on.Any members on here going.