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    ello from Brumagem

    Welcome Pheasant Plucker!
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    Howdy from Kentucky, US!

    Welcome SpookyPistolero!
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    wild camping in Northants?

    I'm in Daventry, can't really think of any decent recommendations, but would like to hear some.
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    Alcohol in Thermos?

    I'm confused, what else do you you store in Thermos flasks?!
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    A gizmo for outdoor use.....

    Sounds like what you need is a Suunto X10, which we find is a very popular product.
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    Tent investment, please help

    After seeing the pictures of last years Bestival, I can't believe how muddy it got! I went in 2006 and the ground was like concrete, that was one festival I didn't think would turn into a mudbath!
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    Hello from the States

    Welcome Jhenry!
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    How to keep warm without a fire?

    A good warm meal before you bed down always helps!
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    Newbie help with alcohol stove cooking

    You weren't in one of these "freak snowstorms" by any chance?
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    Cheers and you have taught me something already - how to quote! Not just by using " " !
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    Yeah seems a real good place to share tips and info. Having fun already!
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    "alrighty mate, welcome aboard. extremeGB as in the online shops, sailGB, outdoorGB etc ? Tom" Indeed, just thought this was a good way to connect with customers and others who share the love of the great outdoors. Not one big plug we promise, we have just seen our name mentioned a few...
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    Hi all, Another newbie here, first post and all. Looking forward to participating in some threads and sharing some tips and stories.