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  1. Barn Owl

    Blue Tit

    Testing that i can get images uploaded on here.. DSC_1150 by Thomas Reid, on Flickr
  2. Barn Owl

    Fjallraven No. 8

    My Fjallraven No. 8 smock sized medium but fits me as an xl bloke. I've only worn this about half a dozen times as I have a similar ventile, I've waxed the shoulders, elbows and 'bum' at the back. Will sell for £230 via paypal and inclusive of rmsd.
  3. Barn Owl

    Woodie clone

    Woodie clone, no makers mark but could be an early Mick Spain as it's in one of his sheaths, usual specs, 01 steel etc...small f/steel included £100
  4. Barn Owl

    Leatherman Surge Black Oxide

    Barely used L/man Surge in Black with removable pocket clip, the tool and spare saw and file only, i'm keeping the bits £70 posted NOW SOLD
  5. Barn Owl

    Harkila Hiker Trousers

    Purchased a pair of the above last week and put them in for shortening without trying them on. I picked them up today and have tried them for a few hours, however they are just not fitting comfortably, as the are of a low waist fitting. They are brown, size 54 and professionally shortened to a...
  6. Barn Owl

    Leather compass pouch

    Pouch for silva type 54, can be used to hold whatever else fits of course Belt loop on back 10 posted
  7. Barn Owl

    Belt pouch

    Belt pouch, the smaller of the two in pic, larger is spf Belt or dangle via brass D ring 25 posted
  8. Barn Owl

    Haix Boots

    Brown Haix high liability boots size 8 medium 55 posted Worn about three times from new, tad tight for me
  9. Barn Owl

    3 Bush Knives

    3 knives for sale From top to bottom.. 1. Made in S Africa by 2tim215 from british blades forum, N690 stainless steel, birds eye maple, %mm tapering to 2.5mm, blade 114x30 mm, oal, 230mm With sheath £95 NOW £75 £65 2. Spb2 by HillBill, camel bone scales, woodlore sheath £120...
  10. Barn Owl

    Swanndri Skipper Shirt

    Swanndri skipper shirt in green, large, bottom button missing, pics on request £36 all in.
  11. Barn Owl

    Hawke Sapphire ED 8x25 Binocular

    As per title for sale or trade Looking for a scandi 01 3mm knife with nice wood and brass fittings, HillBill eagle in same or bushtool type I bought these last year for £159, have carried them but use my larger bins more often, sell for £120 but prefer trade. thanks
  12. Barn Owl

    Sunglasses help

    Can anyone recommend uv protection glasses that will suit being out and about please? I've been advised to use protection at my last visit to the optician. I've never really used them before and am perplexed with the range available. Don't want to spend too much on them. Thanks.
  13. Barn Owl

    Happy Hogmany

    A' the best to everyone fae the auld hoolet
  14. Barn Owl

    North Face boots

    Anyone have experience of these boots, I've a pair coming from Santa
  15. Barn Owl

    Happy Birthday Man of Tanith

    Many happy returns Sam
  16. Barn Owl

    Christmas social night out Kilmarnock

    An invite for all. Gill and I propose a Christmas night out in Kilmarnock Ayrshire on a Saturday to be arranged in December. A meal and drinks in a newly refurbished establishment owned by someone we know. Easy access by train, bus and plenty taxis for sharing to get home, although of course...
  17. Barn Owl

    GB Hand hatchet

    Looking for a gb hand hatchet
  18. Barn Owl

    Eka and victorinox knives

    I have 2 Eka 88 knives, one in bubinga,one in masur scales (SOLD) unused £23 and £28 respectively all in. One victorinox workchamp, very slight use with black vic' pouch £35 all in. SOLD One small black leather belt pouch holding a ceramic rod, (same size as a ferro rod) £18 all in...
  19. Barn Owl

    Hultafors axes query

    Hultafors axes, hunting axe or classic trekking axe? Any opinions please
  20. Barn Owl

    Karrimor Sabre 35

    Looking for a sabre 35 in OD, don't mind if it's well used.