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  1. MrEd

    Fox skeleton articulation (attempt!)

    I have been trying to get a Fox skull for a while now, and this is my third attempt, both previous ones were either in bed or scavenged and I lost them. Probably because they were in a forest a walk away from my house so I couldn’t check them regularly. However, one for hit by a car near my...
  2. MrEd

    Fox skull

    I found a dead fox in the ditch alongside my house a year or so ago. No idea why or how it died but I suspect it got hit by a car. Anyway. I rotted down the skeleton (basically put a couple of old tyres over it and left it for a year) then I soaked the skull in soapy water made with biological...
  3. MrEd

    58 PAttern Canteen pouch.... alternatives

    Anyone got any suggestions as an alternative pouch for a 58 pattern bottle and mug , rather than the issue style pouches (either 58 pattern, or osprey in MTP) neither of which i want. I am looking for something that will go on the front molle/pals panel on my lowe alpine sting and fit the 58...
  4. MrEd

    Neck knife leather sheath

    Second stamping project was a small neck sheath for a Brisa Necker knife.
  5. MrEd

    Leather Survival Tin Pouch

    Have been playing around with leather stamping and tooling recently and this is the first thing I have made featuring stamping. A leather belt pouch for a survival tin (tobacco tin)
  6. MrEd

    Chinese Leather Shoe Patcher

    Does anyone else have one of these? I brought one after stumbling across it in a couple of YouTube videos so thought I would give it a go. I have a singer and an elna I do all my sewing on but occasionally i run into a repair I can’t do as I can’t get it under the door or onto the soul plate etc...
  7. MrEd

    Day Out The sap is flowing!

    Lovely spring day, so went for a walk about with my 12 year old nephew. Plan was to do some birch tapping, and to look for the signs of spring and, well, just to walk about enjoying the outdoor, the spring and each others company. This is the birch tapping we did He was keen to read up on...
  8. MrEd

    Wanted Grafting knife commission

    Is there any one out there that can make me a grafting knife blade blank? this is a folder, very very old from Germany, I was thinking of something the same blade profile but full tang. i can get dimensions. It basically looks like a drop point to me. I can handle it myself but I can’t make...
  9. MrEd

    COVID-19 Research - could you help?

    Hello all, and apologies to the mods if this is not acceptable. I know I have been on here a while, and only a small number of you actually know me in person, but I bet you all can help the NHS with something. I am a critical care nurse researcher in the NHS and a collaborator investigator on a...
  10. MrEd

    Knife handle liners - any reason not to ‘double up’?

    Hello all, knife makers. Is there any reason why I can’t ‘stack’ liners on a knife handle? The handle is going to be screwed together and glued but was just wondering if it’s a good idea or not? I was thinking of 2 different colours then the micarta scales. Is this a bad idea? thanks ed
  11. MrEd

    Glow in the Dark knife handle liners? Source?

    Does anyone know if it’s possible to get glow in the dark liners for knife handles? If so where from? have been searching but can’t find what I need/want thanks ed
  12. MrEd

    For Sale Dutch Army 'Sting' Rucksack and side Pouches

    ** STILL AVAILABLE** Selling my generation 1 Dutch Army Sting rucksack and side pouches in DPM. This is the dutch army lowe-alpine licensed copy made by Awry (supplier to the dutch army), so while not genuine Lowe Alpine, is still built to a high quality and standard, and is basically the same...
  13. MrEd

    Wanted Lowe Alpine Sting in Olive

    I Want to get a sting in olive if anyone has one, with side pockets, lying around. happy to pay by PayPal, bag would need to be in good condition and unmodified please :) PM me if you prefer thanks ed EDIT: Been PM’d by a member on here :) so stand down!
  14. MrEd

    Thinking of getting a Dutch army hooped bivi... what size?

    I bivi a lot anyway, using a Brit army goretex bag and tarp, I have had the bag over ten years and have basically worn out the foot end and it leaks, I have patched it up but really I need to replace. I am Drawn to the hooped Dutch army bivi (have read all about the fesca zip issues) but not...
  15. MrEd

    Dutch 'zip down' Gen 1 side pouches - whats the velcro for?

    as per title, i have a pair of dutch 'zip down' pouches for the sides of bergens etc. I am wondering what the velcro is for on them? See attached photos - from endicotts - iu have circled the velcro, left is loops and the right is the hooks - they are orientated in such a way that they dont...
  16. MrEd

    Made a sheath to go with the Trapper i handled.

    I made this knife, well i didnt make it but i handled it, a couple of weeks ago. Now i have made a sheath to go with it :) Knife thread Sheath work flow, from pattern making to final product :)...
  17. MrEd

    First time at handling/fitting scales to a knife.....

    I did this as a project during COVID lockdown, to keep myself occupied on days off with crafts. This is something I have always wanted to attempt and i found it gave me good headspace when not at work and a way to unwind! I didnt make the blade, i brought a blank from Moonraker Knives - A Brisa...
  18. MrEd

    Patterns for clothing.

    can anyone point me in the direction of any websites/sources for patterns for ‘outdoors’ style clothing. Free or paid for is fine I am thinking mountain shirts, smocks, overhead windproofs etc. Been long term loaned a lovely sewing machine (elna supermatic) and I want to try making more than...
  19. MrEd

    Drawstring bags/Stuff sacks - found a nice source

    no connection with the seller, just like the product. I have been looking for some small stuff sacks for ‘organisation’ in my bag for small - brew kit, wash kit etc. Found this seller on eBay, price seemed reasonable so tried them out and I am quite pleased. Been using 2 for a couple months...
  20. MrEd

    Arktis B310 Drop Liner failed - options?

    Hello Chaps and Chapesses. I have an Arktis B310 (the smock with the waterproof drop liner) Its a great jacket, and i have personally had it a few years after buying it used. I have worn it a lot out in the woods, off roading, walking etc. Its around 10 years old and its holding up well...