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    Posting pictures?

    Is it possible to post pics without using photobucket or similar. I've tries searching but the Pictures and photos: how do I post them? (tutorial) indicated full members only but is also a little old.
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    Willow basket makers?

    Hi, My wife is looking to get a woven basket to use as a washing basket. She is fed up of the plastic ones cracking. Does anyone on here make baskets or have suggestions for a basket maker? Current plastic one is an oval shape about 65cm long by 40cm wide and 30cm deep. Cheers Grebby
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    Buildings and contents insurance

    It's that time of year again. The renewal is silly priced. Does anyone have any recommendations on who to use. Main stumbling blocks are that I have tools in the garage(part of the house not a separate building) that mount up in cost quite quickly. This means that some insurers class wont cover...
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    Knife grind attempt

    I've finally got round to grinding the bevels on a blank that I got from HillBill about 2 1/2 years ago :o I had/am attempted/ing to put a chisel grind on a kitchen knife blank that I got 3 of from Mark at the same time but haven't finished that yet as it was taking forever and I don't get much...
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    Alternative to GB Scandinavian Forest Axe

    A friend was going to be given a GB Scandinavian Forest Axe for his birthday pressie from his other half but apparently she can't get it any more. She is asking what would be a suitable alternative? Any Ideas? Cheers Grebby
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    Fly Tying - Jay wings

    Is anyone on here into fly tying and would like a pair of Jay wings? I've just knocked on off the bird feeder in the garden and was wondering if the feathers/wings would be of use to anyone. I have no idea which bits people use or what to do to them. If you want them let me know. I don't want...
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    Kupilka Classic Plate

    After reading Stews thread about plates I'm possibly interested in getting a Kupilka one. I've searched and searched but can only find the same spiel about volume and weight. Could anyone tell me how wide the plate is (inner edge to inner edge) and how deep? I can't seem to find this info...
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    Vader Gass Bottle Log Burner

    My wife just showed me this I was wondering if anyone on here could make one for me and how much it would cost? I have no welder and haven't welded anything since school age. It would be a present for a geek mate of mine. I think he...
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    Brass Hammers??

    I popped over to see my folks a while ago and my dad asked to to take various bits of tools etc from the garage as he was having a clear up. Amongs various bits of stuff i found a box of brass bits I had liberated from the farm cottage once the previous occupants had left. I know that the bloke...
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    CNC Router

    OK a rather random request.... I'm going to make a new workbench for the garage in the new house and my current design means that I need a bunch of 20mm holes laid out in a grid. This grid NEEDs to be very accurate. So does anyone have access to or know someone who has access to a CNC router...
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    Couple of small meths stoves (Pic Heavy)

    I spotted the Monkey Boy stove on here a while ago (can't seem to find it now) and thought that I needed to have a go at that as it would be perfect for my brew kit. I had some carbon felt from Minibull so I thought that I'd give it a go. I also needed a tiny stove for my camping espresso...
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    g4ghb Pad cover with pen holders

    I have carried a small paper pad and a pen in my pocket for years now but the pad wasn't wearing well :rolleyes: Both covers fell off and I was getting fed up of stopping the pen falling out of my pocket all the time. So.... I asked g4ghb to make me a cover for a paper pad with a couple of...
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    For Whittler Kev and Lee Wright

    I finally got to use the lovely tripod that Kev made for me and the kettle from Lee Do you think that we had a big enough log? It only took 3 nights to burn :rolleyes: Also it was used to hold the 13 litre pan for a group meal or 3 Both worked brilliantly :cool: Thank you...
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    Lee Wright Please answer your PMs

    I have PM'ed you a number of times about the Kettle that you are sending me. Please respond! I sent payment to the paypal address you gave on the 31st of May but have yet to recieve anything. Cheers Grebby
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    Big campfire kettle

    I'm thinking about getting a BIG kettle to either hand from a tripod (Cheers Kev) or sit on my folding grill. When I say big it needs to be 2.5 litres+ as it will be supplying hot water for probably 20 or so people. I'm thinking of the old fashioned type with a big hoop handle on top and a...
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    Stove help required

    I'm looking for a petrol/pannel wipe stove that isn't stupidly noisy. I have an MSR Dragonfly which gives good heat and great control but sounds like you are sitting in the after burner on a jet fighter. Other than that the only thing I dislike is the plastic pump unit. It hasn't given me any...
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    Carving knife case

    A while a go I had a chat with Richard (Black Sheep) about him making up a case to hold my carving knives. I didn't really know exactly what I wanted but a couple of calls sorted out a rough idea of what was needed and I left the rest up too him. I did specifically ask him to put his makers...
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    Sharpening a spoon knife

    I have a standard Frosts 164 single edge spoon knife and I can't work out a sensible way to sharpen it:confused: I manage OK with my other knives but this one has got me stumped. I have a 2" wide whetstone(1000/6000) and a DC4 + a edge pro apex system but I just can't work out how to...
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    Butchers kukri

    As shown here Some very slight surface rust as can be seen in the photos here but I have oiled the blade since. It's never been used, I got a SFA soon after :o and cant see this getting much use. I'm preferably looking for a leather sheath for my Bahco Laplander saw but can be easily...
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    Thermarest 50cm wide x 185cm long. Its a few years old but hardly used. Looking for a Hamock similar to Nomad or DD type or a tarp with ridge line attachment points 3m * 3m ish similar to ELITE EVOLUTION BASHA C/E RIPSTOP 3X3M Open to offers...