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  1. treetop57

    Bison electric motor review

    HTTPS:// Hi not sure if this is the best place for this and if the link is correct? Could try ! YouTube/ Bison electric motor review
  2. treetop57

    gamma alpkit

    hi i know that alpkit has a loyal following on this site and i myself think they are a good supplier but the point is has anyone had a wireing fault with the gamma head torch i have had two and both diveloped the same fault a none moving wire coming loss /anyone
  3. treetop57

    big thumbs up

    hi this is a big thumbs up for alpkit i had a head torch for two years and it stopped working as i had had it for two years i took it apart and it had freed wires i told alpkit just to let them know as they wasn't moving part i sent it back as asked and they sent me a new one . i call that...
  4. treetop57

    scottish bushcraft show

    hi does anyone know why there isn't a Scottish bush craft show or am i missing it what if Scotland gets independence will we have our own show then anyone on site who can get one off and running it would save us all going down to derby england :pirate:
  5. treetop57

    ally canoes

    hi is tamarack outdoor the only place to buy a new ally canoe and is the Scottish paddler supplies still trading thanks
  6. treetop57

    don't know if it's eco

    hi i was cleaning my chainsaw for the umptenth time(i'm a tree surgeon) and found that the chain oil and saw dusted burns easy so thuoght maybe having a small amount in a waterproof tub would be a good aid in getting a fire going // or as a say in the title is it eco as it burns abit...
  7. treetop57

    meet up 12th 14th oct

    hi anyone else interested ina meet just outside moniaive on the 12th to 14th oct pm me for more details thanks treetop57
  8. treetop57

    smelling fresh

    how do you keep smelling fresh and clean on a long wild camp out surgestion please:bluThinki
  9. treetop57

    inner tent and tarp

    hi all i know this might sound odd but my wife came home (something she does often) with a inner tent so i got to thinking has any ground dwelers slept in a inner tent with a tarp over hammock style thought it might feel more like being out there than in a tent any thoughts
  10. treetop57

    hi all from dumfries

    hi hope to have some good grown up chat i'm 55 it goes without saying that i like bush craft i paint land scapes i make walking sticks and woody things i fish i shoot i'm a tree surgeon i play the bodhran (thats the irish drum)if you didn't know thanks i hope that helps