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  1. Fieldcrafter-uk

    Lansky type sharpening systems , which do you favour?

    Hello all. I would like to learn from The hive mind if possible. Can I ask if all the lansky type sharpening systems which is “best “ I’m being really specific on this clamp and guided abrasive type sharpening because I’ve never used one and don’t want to buy a pudding ... im fine with...
  2. Fieldcrafter-uk

    Possible return

    hi guys long long time no see . Genuinely missed most of you ha ha . Long story short I find myself with a huge brick built barn with no use and lots of spare time on my hands .... I have an overwhelming urge to be creative naturally and everything I’ve tried since stopping knife making has...
  3. Fieldcrafter-uk

    Full knife making worship for sale !

    Well it time ! Everything I have for a knife workshop for sale . The Direct Drive Maxigrinder ‘The professional’s choice’ belt grinder. 2Hp direct drive, 240v single phase will run from conventional hhld supply, Invertek Optidrive speed control range from 0–2800 RPM with full power, at...
  4. Fieldcrafter-uk

    Priced to sell .

    Hello gentlemen , I have theses ready to post , all made from 4mm thick o1 tool steel , African hard wood handles and 3.5mm thick English calf leather , the small ones are pouch sheaths , but you could knock a nail through the leather to hang them as neck knives easily . The larger are all...
  5. Fieldcrafter-uk

    Few knives , priced to sell

    Hi , getting to the end of making this sort of thing now . I'm not saying this will be the last but pretty close to being , custom / hand made stuff Priced to sell . Smallest first , 4mm o1 , cocobolo dymond wood handle , neck carry utility knife . £45 Drop points x2 both...
  6. Fieldcrafter-uk

    Very special skinning knife

    Hi guys the last of the steel I made some weeks ago , I got asked for a bull nosed skinning knife so made this up , the guy that asked for it hasn't made contact so I'm offering it for sale . It's 120 layers of steel forge welded together . It's flat ground with African hard wood scales and...
  7. Fieldcrafter-uk

    3 pattern welded blades heavily reduced to sell !

    Hi guys I really need these sold !! All made from scratch including the steel , all are a variant of a ladder pattern and the first two are 150 layers 3rd 100 layers . They look pretty but will cope with a hard life of working to . I can't believe I'm doing this but £250 each...
  8. Fieldcrafter-uk

    Two knives for sale

    Ok these two are for sale , just finished today and finished off some materials I won't be replacing or ordering again . Larger is a full sized tasker , in 4mm thick O1 tool steel , with G10 handle and 3.5mm English leather sheath in two tone , right handed belt carry , some of you may remember...
  9. Fieldcrafter-uk

    Last reduction , Nordic knife

    This was £130 but I will take £90 on it to get it sold .
  10. Fieldcrafter-uk

    Pattern welded blanks x3

    Hi guys 3x pattern welded blanks . 2xstick tang 1x full tang . All made from 100 layers of steel , etched and chemically blackened , followed by hand sanding to 800 grit . Two stick tangs come with African hard wood blocks for handles but the full tang is with out . All £30 each delivered .
  11. Fieldcrafter-uk

    Pattern welded kitchen knife/sushi knife

    Hi guys , made last week as a sushi knife - but I think it would also do well in the kitchen for other slicing tasks . The blade is 24.5cm long , 2.5cm wide and made of 159 layers of nickel steel and tool steel , light etch and high polish . Brass guard and African hard wood handle . Ready to be...
  12. Fieldcrafter-uk

    Some of my last pattern welded knives

    Proper post for a change Ok I'm rounding up my knife making adventure , as part of that I'm usuing up all the materials I have . I have a good amount of nickel steel for making pattern welded blades , it needs using so this is the first of the last from me . Started with 25 layer billet...
  13. Fieldcrafter-uk

    Custom walking stick

    Hi guys my first and last walking stick . Lathe turned African hard wood shaft , finished in a nice dandyish oil. Hand made ferrel (silver soldered brass parts) red stag antler handle and brass spacer with file work . £50 delivered .
  14. Fieldcrafter-uk

    5 small knife blanks

    Hi 5 small (neck ?) knife blanks . 2x. Convex ground 2x flat ground One Scandinavia ground (pattern welded) £45 delivered for the 5
  15. Fieldcrafter-uk

    Electrolyte etching machine

    Hi guys as in Sure you have read in moving from knife making and clearing the workshop . This is an electrolyte etching machine , using salt water and an electric current to mark tyre metal . Black wire to the metal and red to the cotton with salt water , when the water hits the metal it...
  16. Fieldcrafter-uk

    Wenge African hard wood for sale (lots of it)

    Hi everyone , as said before in pretty much stopping making knives again .workshop is slowly being cleared out and there are lots of buts that craft types could make use of . So I'm offering it here and on a few other forums / Facebook . This lot is pretty much all the wood I have (there...
  17. Fieldcrafter-uk

    Hunter / utility

    O1 tool steel, 5mm thick , g10 handle with convex grind . Year to be sheathed with it will be tooled Italian leather in Tan £80 delivered
  18. Fieldcrafter-uk

    Nordic with file work

    Nordic style in 5mm o1 tool steel , file work , brass liners and fittings , Italian leather sheath , ox blood linen micarta very sexy !! £130 delivered .
  19. Fieldcrafter-uk

    Flat gound fieldcrafter

    Hi guys just a few knives for sale again , in wrapping up making this sort of knife over the next 8 weeks and will be working on other projects , not very bushcraft hunting . So grab what I off because it's coming to a close for me thus style and journey . 5mm thick ow tool steel brass...