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  1. Beer Monster

    Karrimor SF - Predator 30!

    Haven't posted in a while but broke out in a cold sweat this morning when I noticed that Karrimor SF are now producing a 30L version of their Predator range. Basically the Sabre 30 but with a few updates. Thougth some folk might be interested. Details here:- Karrimor SF - Predator 30 ...
  2. Beer Monster

    Water bladder size for use around camp?

    Thinking of investing in a durable (thinking along the lines of MSR Dromedary or Ortlieb type) water bladder for use in camp. I was wondering what size to get though. For camp use (i.e. drinking, cooking, washing pots, washing body!) how much do people use per day (in a temperate...
  3. Beer Monster

    Ancient woodland record updated to help protect sites

    From the BBC:- "An inventory of Wales' ancient woodlands is to be updated to ensure all sites are protected. It will be the first time the list has been updated in 30 years and new technology means it will be more accurate. " See here for full article linky
  4. Beer Monster

    'Oldest leather shoe' discovered!

    Thought this might interest - "At 5,500 years old, the well preserved cow-hide shoe pre-dates Stonehenge by 400 years and the Pyramids of Giza by 1,000 years." :- see here
  5. Beer Monster

    Unbeatentracks - no sign online?

    Is it just me or has the online shop unbeaten tracks dropped off the net? They used to sell Rogue clothing from SA as well as tents, cast iron pots etc etc? Can't for the life of me find them anymore ..... have they stopped trading? Shame if they have as they were great!
  6. Beer Monster

    Packable cloth stretchers?

    Hello all. Has anyone got or used one of the following packable cloth stretchers?:- Poc-kit stretcher see here. Lightweight stretcher by Vanguard see here I know that a poncho can be used in a pinch but for various reasons I need a dedicated "stretcher" that I can carry with me...
  7. Beer Monster

    New Rucksack from Karrimor - Predator - Sabre 45 replacement?

    Just saw this thought folk might be interesting - designed for Afghanistan basically a modern military Sabre 45. Looks very interesting. A simple 45L model called the "Patrol" and then a more technical 50L. Side pockets are interesting too. See here. Sorry wrong thread - MOD can you...
  8. Beer Monster

    Beavers to return after 400 years - its official!

    Saw this on the BBC this morning, searched the forum but could see anyone posting it so:- Link
  9. Beer Monster

    Baker Tent and other interesting shelters

    Found this company while looking for Baker Tents:- had a search on the forum but don't think anyone has posted about them yet. Anyone got any of their stuff? Have a look at their Camp Fire Tent. I'm trying to convince myself I don't need one of their Bush Shelters...
  10. Beer Monster

    One handed Opening - under £30?

    Can any one recommend a decent one handed opening knife for £30 or under? It'll be an EDC for an up coming trip overseas hence the low budget as I will undoubtedly loose it or get it nicked at some point! I'd preferably like it to lock and be light enough to carry comfortably in the pocket...
  11. Beer Monster

    Eco-homes forest plan put forward

    Did a few searches and couldn't see this posted. i thought it was quite interesting so thought I'd chuck it into the mix:- Linky
  12. Beer Monster

    Lost family huddled for three days before rescue

    Link. Videos and photos on the website.
  13. Beer Monster

    Outfit for Travelling in the South American Wilderness - T Roosevelt - 1914

    Not sure if this sould go in Kit Chatter or Other Chatter. Mods please feel free to move it. Seems that Theodore Roosevelt was as interested in kit as most of us are! Makes for an interesting read. The Outfit for Travelling in the South American Wilderness (link) Some other good...
  14. Beer Monster

    Hammocks and creepy crawlies

    Ok this maybe a bit of a random question but ...... If you are using a hammock in more tropical/hotter climes how do you prevent insects crawling along the tapes/rope to you hammock? I understand that you will be encolsed in a mosquito net so they can't reach you but how would you prevent...
  15. Beer Monster


    Hi all, Just putting the last coat of varnish on a couple of thumb sticks I harvested at the beginning of last year, one for me and one for my good lady. However, was just wondering about ferrules ...... does anyone know here to get them online? ......... or do I resort to the old...
  16. Beer Monster

    Lightweight Merino Baselayer - in olive green?

    Does anyone know of a lightweight (150 g/m) merino baselayer that comes in olive green? Looking to replace my HH Lifa baselayer. Going to be used in high energy activities so I need it to be as thin as possible otherwise I'll over heat. I understand Howies used to do one but have since...
  17. Beer Monster

    Student dig unearths ancient gum

    Saw this on the BBC website and thought it maybe of some interest:- Link.
  18. Beer Monster

    Entry Level Spotting Scope?

    ........ ok the title says it all really. I've got a decent pair of bins (Nikon Sporters) which are great but recently I've been leaning more and more towards the need for a spotting scope to get that much closer. The tipping point was a few weeks back seeing a family of 3 otters on Loch...
  19. Beer Monster

    Leather Hat - to dye or not to dye?

    Ok. I have a very nice leather wide brimmed bush hat (similar to the Rogue hats) that my good lady bought for me :) . Now the only problem is that the leather is very very light brown in colour (more so than she was expecting!) ...... very nearly pink :yuck: if you see it in broad daylight...