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  1. Madriverrob

    They shall not grow old .........

    I though this might interest some members ....... At a cinema near you ( UK only) for one night only ( 16th October 2018 )
  2. Madriverrob

    Sleeping bag query ......

    Can anyone enlighten me , I have the above bag as part of what I thought was the current British army modular sleep system , I have the cotton liner plus the lightweight jungle bag and then thought this was the outer . It has a side zip not central as I think the outer bag should have , it also...
  3. Madriverrob

    Trip Report Overnighter at Brockwell wood

    I was lucky enough to be hosted to a quick overnight camp at Brockwell Wood by Bopdude, I’d never been before.... We had agreed to meet there on Saturday lunchtime, weather forecast was dry but cold with the likely hood of a frost overnight. Brockwell wood from the farm house....... My...
  4. Madriverrob

    Good News
  5. Madriverrob

    Hammock underbalnket recommendations

    I'm in the market for an underblanket , have looked at the obvious snugpak and DD products ( I have a DD camping hammock and tarp ) and Bopdude has pointed out snugpak hammock cocoon. Any feedback on the above welcome as well as any other options .........
  6. Madriverrob

    Worst case scenario

    Recent events got me thinking ...... what if I found myself in the midst of a terror attack , say for example Bataclan , Manchester Arena or maybe an explosion on a train or underground ? I am aware of current government advice to run , hide tell ...
  7. Madriverrob

    Anyone for cake .........
  8. Madriverrob

    Safest places to live post apocalypse ......... Just a bit of fun

    Saw this in my local paper ...... Please bear in mind I've posted this as a bit of light humour but also just in case The Donald and Kim Jong Un don't make...
  9. Madriverrob

    Any ideas what this is ?

    My mate in North Devon spotted this in his local woods , any ideas what it is ? I thought some kind of animal trap ?? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Madriverrob

    Emmrod Packrod

    Anyone know where I can buy one of these in the UK ?
  11. Madriverrob

    Travel Umbrella

    I recently got wet through in a surprise deluge in Krakow ( Poland) , It got me thinking about getting a travel umbrella . I'd be after something light , small , robust that I could easily pack in a pocket or small bag that would keep me dry and could in extremis be used as a partial shelter ...
  12. Madriverrob

    New shop in Whitby

    There's a new surplus shop opened in Whitby , he has some good gear , is a local guy and into bushcraft and hammocking. Worth a look if you live this way or are visiting Whitby . No affiliation , just letting people know about a new resource. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Madriverrob

    Hayburn Wyke

    Hayburn Wyke is a secluded cove between Scarborough and Whitby. With the beach and woodland to discover, this hidden gem is the perfect setting for a picnic or a day of exploration. Would also be a great location for an overnight or a day foraging the seashore . The beck runs through the woods...
  14. Madriverrob

    ID please ?

    Found this yesterday while out on a walk, any ideas what it is ? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Madriverrob

    Levison wood rucksack

    Anyone know the brand of rucksack levison wood is using in his latest series " walking the Americas " ? It seems to be canvas and roll topped . I know he uses Belstaff but I can't identify his rucksack . Any ideas ???
  16. Madriverrob

    Citizenaid - first aid advice for terror attack

    Just seen on news . Advice if your caught up in an attack or its aftermath. Free app to down load or visit the web site to get a pocket book ..... You never know ....
  17. Madriverrob

    ID please anyone ?

    I found this jaw bone yesterday whilst out waking , can anyone Id it for me ? It appears carnivorous from its teeth but other than that I'm flumaxed ! It's about four inches in length . Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. Madriverrob

    3 Eating spoons .....

    My spoon carving odyssey continues, thanks for looking ..... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. Madriverrob

    Can you prescribe nature ?

    Article from BBC news ...... Works for me ! ;)
  20. Madriverrob

    Wild Country Coshee Micro

    Bit bigger than a bivvy but not by much , a bit lighter than the Force Ten Solo and I might shave a bit more weight by replacing the pegs , happy with this as another solo option . Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk