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  1. Tomcoles

    Compound bow

    Hello all I am looking for a compound bow about 60lb draw and draw length of 26-30 I want to have a dable in archery. If you have a bow your not using then please let me know. I have loads of things to trade or maybe cash. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Tomcoles

    Walking gaiters

    Hi everyone I am looking to buy some walking gaiters. What I want is a really tough material. Strong under strap. Green or brown. I don't want to spend loads. I just need some advice and where to get them from. If anyone has any they want to trade I may have something that would take your...
  3. Tomcoles

    My Log burner

    At last the day has arrived and the wood stove is installed. Very happy with it. I removed the old fire and fire bricks. Got a bricky to make good the whole and move the lintel. I then Made the surrounding . With season oak my dad had. And layed an Indian stove halve. Got a guy to install...
  4. Tomcoles

    Can a mod pm me please

    As above I have spotted something I feel I should bring to your attention
  5. Tomcoles

    Can anyone recommend me a head tourch

    Hello all I have been given a fantastic present for my birthday. Which is a bushcraft/tracking course. I have to take a head tourch that has a red filter. Can anyone recommend a decent Torch please.
  6. Tomcoles

    My birthday presents

    my wife did very well I can't wait to put them to use. Don't panic I am applying for a crayfish licence. Very happy though
  7. Tomcoles


    I have an I phone 5s with the YouTube app but can't work out how to view comments or add comments can anyone help please
  8. Tomcoles

    Birthday ideas

    I have my 30th birthday coming up I have most of my kit to be honest nice axe, knife, sleep system, etc. I am stuck for ideas. I may ask for some fajllraven kit. My mum said she wants to spend £250 on me I was blown away by this generous offer. I really fancy a canoe so that may be an option...
  9. Tomcoles

    Leather axe handle cover help

    Hello all does anyone have a small forest axe ,leather handle protector. Template they could send to me please. below is a picture of the type of thing I mean. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Tomcoles

    Has anyone got an open canoe for sale??

    Hi guys my 30th is fast approaching and I would like to purchase an open canoe. I want something that's of good quality I have been told to go for an old town. Can all you lovely people advise me please. It will be used for me on my own or two people. For bushcraft trips Sent from my iPhone...
  11. Tomcoles

    I present the humming bird hawk moth

    I keep seeing theses in my back garden there amazing little critters. I did not take this photo as my stupid camera wasn't charged but I will try and get a picture of my own. I saw one when I was about ten my dad pointed it out to me and have been intrigued ever since. I spotted it instantly on...
  12. Tomcoles

    Advice on a trail camera

    Hi all I am thinking of buying a trail camera can anyone give me there advice on this? I would like it to take video and stills day and night. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Tomcoles

    My friction fire journey

    I spent Saturday through to Sunday in the woods this weekend and made some great friends I was also with a friend who teaches friction fire. He kindly gave me a one on one lesson and I managed an ember in about 15 mins of tuition I was very very happy. I turned into a big kid when I saw a...
  14. Tomcoles

    Hammock problem

    Evening all I went out today and set up my hennesy hammock. Now my suspension system/set up is tree huggers carabina then two rapel rings and it have spoken about them on here before. So I have used this setup several times and it's worked perfectly. However I set it up hammock main line through...
  15. Tomcoles

    Can someone identify this please

    break the leaves and it smells of garlic however it doesn't look like ransoms ?? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. Tomcoles

    Bits for trade

    Ok here are some bits of kit I don't need any more. Looking to trade. Dpm webtex burgan no tears holes etc good condition. Schrade schf9 used twice in very good condition. Telescopic sight I don't know what make with mounts Foam roll mat (used but clean) Kettle M90 arctic sleeping bag bivy...
  17. Tomcoles

    ajungilak sleeping bag

    My father gave me his sleeping bag that he used whilst sailing on the britsh steel challlage yatch race. Is was used whilst in the sothern ocean. Can anyone tell me of they have any experience or know of it's a decent bag?? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. Tomcoles

    Can anyone help my Zebra billy can split

    I saw a similar thread on this forum where a zebra billy had split. The conclusion was that it had been crushed and it had caused it to split. The person was adiment that it had not been crushed. I unpacked my kit today in preparation to sort it out for an overnighter. My 10cm billy nests inside...
  19. Tomcoles

    This is how I get The wife to make lunch

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. Tomcoles

    Hennesy hammock issue

    I brought a henessey hammock a while back I have found the tree huggers to small they only go round small trees. Any ideas where I can buy something the same but bigger? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk