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  1. Grooveski

    Loch Long.

    A few pics from the weekend. Between the glorious weather and total lack of midgies we were spoiled. I'd invited a pal along and we paddled out into the sunset/moonrise on thursday then Gaillaine appeared on friday. The whole trip was pretty mellow until the last 200m of the journey back when...
  2. Grooveski

    Loch Long.

    Have a loan of some wheels for the weekend so it's off to Loch Long/Goil for a wee paddle. If anyone fancies it I'll be at Big Oak. :) Josh
  3. Grooveski

    Leather proofing.

    The last of the stockpile of old Nikwax tins is long gone and my bike leathers are dry and creaky. Swung by Crockets there expecting to find something similar among the Grangers range in the saddlery dept but nothing jumped out as being an obvious replacement. They looked just as watery as the...
  4. Grooveski

    One for the Gamers.

    Was going to send Shewie a link to this(was his bright idea to make it - cheers mate, you owe me about 15 hours) then realised that quite a few other folk have heard about "the game" over the years during tipsy campfire bletherings. I mind talking modding with JohnC and someone else one night...
  5. Grooveski


    A few pics from Loch Sween. Click the panoramas for larger images. What have we here then? Snap, sniff, eyes widen, smile grows.... "Fatwood!" We camped this time in the broadleaf towards the fairy isles. A mix of chestnut, oak, hazel and birch with the odd rowan, willow and holly...
  6. Grooveski

    Climbing - Glasgow

    Hiho, Been threatening to get back into to shape for the last couple of years and at last the push has begun. Oven the monsoon season I've walked off a pile of weight and started building up a bit of upper body strength, now it's time to add weekly visits to the indoor wall and just thought...
  7. Grooveski

    Yew flatbow

    Made a couple of bows recently. My mum made off with hers before I could take any photos but here's mine. It's 48lb@28". Lots of knots, both limbs snake around a bit and what looks like twist near the tips is more like bulges in the stave. It was that shape when I started. The heartwood...
  8. Grooveski

    Loch Long again.

    A blether with Gailainne led to an impromptu weekend away. Would have ben criminal not to make the most of the weather. I arrived about four hours early and settled right back into the lazy vibe of a couple of weeks ago. First priority was finding shade which a wee cliff not far from the...
  9. Grooveski

    Loch Long

    A few pics from the weekend up at Loch Long. Hot, hot, hot! By half way across the mouth of Goil I could see that the big oak bay was very calm. Too calm to risk - looked like midgie hell in the making. Quite a few shoals of fry around and Goil was relatively free of jellyfish(Long was...
  10. Grooveski

    Compass cover.

    Sorry to be spamming the DIY forum but all my gear's lying in the middle of the floor and I'm sitting watching oil dry..., one leather compass cover. 1mm vegtan wetformed then hot waxed outside then in. Was a little dubious when I started making it but it stretched over the dome much...
  11. Grooveski


    Braided up a couple of slings last year. Only get to play with them while camping and progress has been painfully slow but yon weeks rhodie bashing I done last month gave me a chance to practice a bit and it's getting there. Entertaining way to spend a sunny evening on a beach.
  12. Grooveski

    Kayak paddle.

    First coat of oil is drying on the alder paddle that I started a couple of months ago. Happy days! :cool: Have just been scraping away at it every now and then. Carried on taking the occasional photo so here's the full start to finish: Only had two...
  13. Grooveski

    Flemish twist bowstring.

    With folk blethering about strings on another thread and me just sitting down to make one I figured I'd take a bunch of pics and walk through it. No-one asked for it and there are plenty of string making tutorials already on the net but what the hey, won't do any harm. I have a jig for making...
  14. Grooveski

    Loch Long 5th-7th July

    Hiho. Going to take a wee jaunt next weekend - mainly as an excuse to try a new paddle and a couple of sail mods if there's wind. Would be heading for the big oak on Goil but if anyone fancied walking in I'd happily switch to the wee flat point on Long(which is about a mile and half easy...
  15. Grooveski

    Loch Fyne

    Long days, big moon, new campsite, no midges, dead rhodies and a barrel of beer. How far wrong can you go? :) Josh
  16. Grooveski

    Gailainne - Your mailbox is full.

    Don't worry, you never missed anything important. :) Be a good chap and clear some space though. we can fill it with more inane ramblings. Amazing how little actually gets organised in these pre-trip organisation messages. :p
  17. Grooveski

    Stuart69 - RIP

    I regret to inform you all that Stuart died yesterday at home at the age of 42. He leaves behind a devastated mother and sister. ...and my heart is breaking typing this as I know he had many friends among the members here. He wasn't a particularly social person yet you good people had drawn...
  18. Grooveski

    JAG009 - Your mailbox is full.

    I'm not saying you talk too much or anything............:p Bunch of us are away for a paddle at the weekend if you fancy it.
  19. Grooveski

    Old Town Pack canoe.

    Old Town Pack solo canoe - 12ft long, 33lb. Pick up or delivered within the Glasgow area. Laced at the ends for lashing down gear or airbags. Lacing ends left long as tie-on points for paddles, rods, etc. End loops. Foam seat pad. Fairly heavy wear on underside but nothing too bad. The ends...
  20. Grooveski

    Osprey chick.

    One of Lady's eggs hatched last night. :) Thought I'd point out the webcam: