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  1. Beer Monster

    Jokkmokk - Sub Zero Trip - February 2013

    Kit monster do them - silver on one side olive green on the other. Set you back five and a half beer tokens.
  2. Beer Monster

    Karrimor SF - Predator 30!

    Haven't posted in a while but broke out in a cold sweat this morning when I noticed that Karrimor SF are now producing a 30L version of their Predator range. Basically the Sabre 30 but with a few updates. Thougth some folk might be interested. Details here:- Karrimor SF - Predator 30 ...
  3. Beer Monster

    Teaching kids to handle shotguns

    A poem I was taught, language might be a bit complicated but still rings true - might help (maybe BCUK should come up with a modern version?!?):- A Fathers Advice If a sportsman true you'd be Listen carefully to me. . . Never, never let your gun Pointed be at anyone. That it may...
  4. Beer Monster

    DD hammocks group buy

    Payment sent last night. Many thanks Sandbags!
  5. Beer Monster

    DD hammocks group buy

    Milius2 ...................................................5 x Frontline hammock and 1 x 3x3 tarp .............................. .....Paid Nova and Pinky........................................1 x camo Tarp dj77.......................................................camo tarp and DMM Karabiners...
  6. Beer Monster

    Water bladder size for use around camp?

    Many thanks guys. Food for thought. From the poll it seems as though the average is 4L. Still I think squidders and shaggystu have a point - options options options!
  7. Beer Monster

    Water bladder size for use around camp?

    Thinking of investing in a durable (thinking along the lines of MSR Dromedary or Ortlieb type) water bladder for use in camp. I was wondering what size to get though. For camp use (i.e. drinking, cooking, washing pots, washing body!) how much do people use per day (in a temperate...
  8. Beer Monster

    Karrimor Sabre 30 vs Sabre 35 vs Delta 35 vs Patrol 45

    I know this has been asked before but can't find the info anywhere - would the back length on the Sabre 45 be ok for someone 5ft 11inch tall (although I like to think I'm 6ft!?!)? I'd like to try one on for size but as I live overseas I doubt that will be possible.
  9. Beer Monster

    What knife and carry for an ambush predator?

    I think in this situation my only course of action would be to fill my pants and hope the smell put it off! :)
  10. Beer Monster

    What knife and carry for an ambush predator?

    Well spotted - lion tracks are generally longer than they are wide and exception is when they move across muddy ground (see photo below) - they tend to splay their toes out a bit to get better purchase producing a rounder track. Leopard tracks are round in shape - one of the best ways of...
  11. Beer Monster

    What knife and carry for an ambush predator?

    Its a young female lion. Photo below show adult at the front with rifle for scale. If flares aren't an option then maybe a taser? Might also fall under the firearms rule though. Whilst I carry a folding pocket knife (Byrd) out walking I suggest just letting the animal get on with the job...
  12. Beer Monster

    What knife and carry for an ambush predator?

    Personally .458 soft nose is the only way to go! Having said that as you aren't permitted to carry a firearm I'd suggest one of those pencil flares over a knife. The unusual sound/smoke/sight will have the best chance of turning a charge - if you know its coming! If it gets to you then...
  13. Beer Monster

    Ancient woodland record updated to help protect sites

    From the BBC:- "An inventory of Wales' ancient woodlands is to be updated to ensure all sites are protected. It will be the first time the list has been updated in 30 years and new technology means it will be more accurate. " See here for full article linky
  14. Beer Monster

    The Skull ID Thread

    ....................... bat?
  15. Beer Monster

    'Oldest leather shoe' discovered!

    Thought this might interest - "At 5,500 years old, the well preserved cow-hide shoe pre-dates Stonehenge by 400 years and the Pyramids of Giza by 1,000 years." :- see here
  16. Beer Monster

    Unbeatentracks - no sign online?

    Phew at least they are still trading. Good of him to recommend Bisonbushcraft but unfortuantley he s the only one who stocks the item I am looking for. Will keep my eyes peeled for the site ......
  17. Beer Monster

    Unbeatentracks - no sign online?

    Is it just me or has the online shop unbeaten tracks dropped off the net? They used to sell Rogue clothing from SA as well as tents, cast iron pots etc etc? Can't for the life of me find them anymore ..... have they stopped trading? Shame if they have as they were great!
  18. Beer Monster

    Amazing footage of persistence hunt

    ...... forgot to say anyone interested in wildlife films should have a look at this website:- Some classic wildlife film clips and a real trip down memory lane on some of the programs and people involved.
  19. Beer Monster

    Amazing footage of persistence hunt

    ...... sorry can't see Youtube where I am but I think this is the kudu persistence hunt form the "Life of Mammals" series ("food for thought" episode)? If so then I think it was filmed by the UK's very own Simon King of spring watch/autumn watch fame. According to his autobiography he...
  20. Beer Monster

    New Rucksack from Karrimor - Predator - Sabre 45 replacement?

    .... ah ha! I've half seen it! literally - in your "visitor in camp" thread!