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  1. Wayland

    Fids and Marlin Spikes

    While packing kit away after the Wilderness Gathering, including a "new" vintage Marlin Spike, second from the right, it occurred to me that I have a few of these tools now and I think they are greatly underrated by landsmen. I have lost count of the number of times one of these tools, drawn...
  2. Wayland

    The Steam Tent Co-operative at the Wilderness Gathering

    As a group, we are very fortunate in our friends. Because so many of us have moved around in the different circles of outdoor life like Bushcraft and Re-enactment for so many years we have developed a good reputation that sometimes precedes us and leads to opportunities that might not...
  3. Wayland

    Mushroom Log

    I always like to come away from the Bushmoot having learned something or made something new. This year a great little workshop given by Anna and Ian ??? ticked both of those boxes with one of the nicest, simplest "foraged art" ideas I have seen.
  4. Wayland

    Merthyr the Mallet

    Meet Merthyr the Mallet. I have a variety of wooden mallets in my camping gear but sometimes things require hitting with a bit of metal. A lump hammer does the job but is, as the name suggests, a bit of a lump to carry round. While wandering around Merthyr Mawr at the Bushmoot this year, I...
  5. Wayland

    Steam Tent Corner - Bushmoot 2021

    Just a few pictures of my pitch at the Bushmoot this year. Great event once again, looking forward to the next time I can get there.
  6. Wayland

    Covering Note.

    One of the minor annoyances of Summer camping is the number of Kamikaze flying insects that consider an open drink to be an irresistible opportunity. At the BushMoot, the wasps tend to be a particular problem. I usually attempt to frustrate their attempts with something like a tin plate, but...
  7. Wayland

    Merry Craftmas

    Wishing you all a Merry Craftmas and hoping for a better New Year.
  8. Wayland

    Damian O'Toole R.I.P.

    Terrible news I'm afraid. Damian O'Toole, one of my very best friends and of course a member of this group passed away yesterday after a sudden heart attack. I have no further details at this time. Our condolences go out to Michalina and their family.
  9. Wayland

    Trench Grill

    I saw a post on FB the other day singing the praises of a Purcell Trench Grill. A great product I thought, but rather pricey, especially when customs and admin charges are added for importing it over here. I liked the idea when I first saw them many moons ago but decided there must be a...
  10. Wayland

    Wayland's Ditty Bag

    A couple of years ago, at the UK Bushmoot I set myself a little project to make myself a new ditty bag. I had seen one on an American web site that had a few nice ideas on it but was stupidly over priced and had lots of pointless decoration on it. I decided I could make something more suited...
  11. Wayland

    Modified Sub Zero Sleeping System.

    Just finished a couple of modifications to my Sub Zero Sleeping System. The old system, with a Brit Army Bivi bag worked fairly well but the Goretex stopped breathing at low temperatures which resulted in ice forming on the inside which transferred dampness to the synthetic mid layer sleeping...
  12. Wayland

    Light Painting.

    As we did a bit of this at the Moot a few years back I thought I would post a few shots I took last night up here for anyone that is interested..
  13. Wayland

    Making some new Viking shoes.

    Time for some new shoes. Of course being me that would not mean anything as simple as a visit to the shoe shops. It's time for a new pair of Viking shoes. This is the start point of my pattern. ( Mk. II ) It's not the final pattern because it will be adapted and trimmed to fit as I...
  14. Wayland

    Preparing thread for leather working. The Wayland Method.

    I’ve received a few questions lately about how I work with leather and I haven’t talked much about it because I think there is already so much good stuff out there already but I thought I would post this up because I've not come across anyone else that sets up their thread for leather working...
  15. Wayland

    Boazu Bag: A Reindeer skin Ditty Bag.

    I was once told that real craftsmanship is invisible. That might seem counter intuitive but what he meant was that most people that see it would never be aware of the work that went into making it, they should simply admire the object itself. I get that...
  16. Wayland

    Boreal Bag

    You may remember I decorated a bowl and kuksa recently for a winter trip to Finnish Sápmi that I am planning with friends. I chose a Sámi mythological theme for them using traditional symbols from their Noaidi Drums in keeping with the Arctic destination. I wanted a nice bag to carry them in...
  17. Wayland

    Deer Hide Cordage

    I am quite frugal with leather, I hate to waste it. I feel that if a creature gave up it's life so that we could have meat and hide then we owe it some respect. So today I have been converting the last scraps of some birch tanned reindeer hide into useful cordage. This is a technique that I...
  18. Wayland

    Bell's Wax Vestas tin.

    In freezing conditions, I don’t want to be relying on a fiddly method of fire lighting. It’s great to know how use many different methods of course but I want fire quickly and reliably. I usually carry a box of waterproof matches in a small ziploc bag in my pocket and another in my bag. As...
  19. Wayland

    Photography in Sub Zero Conditions.

    Having just dusted my gear off in preparation for another trip North this winter I realised I had never posted up anything about photography in very cold conditions. If you check the specifications of almost all digital cameras you will find an operating temperature range that suggest than sub...
  20. Wayland

    Put a lid on it...

    I bought myself a decent non stick frying pan for my sub zero cookset a few days ago, which is great but the only thing lacking was a lid. So I ordered a sheet of aluminium off the Bay and peened over the edges to make this. Took me back to my days working in the armoury which was nice. Just...