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  1. Orhdposs

    Hertfordshire/Essex meets ups?

    Hi Rich i'm near Hoddesdon I'd be up for a meet.
  2. Orhdposs

    Crown at 4 o'clock ?

    Seiko SKX007 J iconic divers watch crown 4 o'clock water proof 200m
  3. Orhdposs

    A tight fit!

    Come out good was for an Esee RB3
  4. Orhdposs

    A tight fit!

    I have on the odd occasion had a very loose sheath so I cut the stiches, line the sheath with some thin leather and re-stich for a tighter fit.
  5. Orhdposs

    Lost about 4 that way, one I brought in Zambia 20 + years ago, went to go our floors and brought...

    Lost about 4 that way, one I brought in Zambia 20 + years ago, went to go our floors and brought 4 new ones £3 each.
  6. Orhdposs

    A tight fit!

    If and when it ends up loose I just put a couple of extra stiches in to tighten it back up.
  7. Orhdposs

    Solar Panels & F-I-T's

    I think it not a money making project and like mentioned in some of the above use when it's sunny on a good day I can get 23kw + on a sunny day on a poor day 300w in winter or very cloudy I assume this will just about power all the things we leave on fridge, freezer, alarm clocks and other led...
  8. Orhdposs

    What Are Your Favorite Vegetable Sandwiches?

    Mashed cold brussell sprouts with bran flake only put them on when ready to eat or they get soggy.
  9. Orhdposs

    Woodwork Marking Gauge

    Long time joiner never had an issues with gauge pins running down or off the grain, did buy a veritas cause it was different, didn't like it not cheap but it's of little use to me if I could find it. .
  10. Orhdposs

    The Covid19 Thread

    Take your chances I had corona virus probably fell into the mild+ symptoms? I never went out from 20th March misses off work for 2 weeks then she went back to work NHS about the 25th April started to get head ache I don't even get hangover, 29th April will had the opportunity to be tested at...
  11. Orhdposs

    Any CCTV installers or Others.

    I got , but if you want it to work think my 4 cameras + recorder about £800?
  12. Orhdposs

    Good fjallraven 'trouser' alternatives

    should read boxer shorts
  13. Orhdposs

    Good fjallraven 'trouser' alternatives

    Swanndri wax boker short?
  14. Orhdposs

    Biker Basics

    My'n was a DT 125 2 stroke light but enough power, when I used to go trial riding with the Herts group in Wales the two oldest rider had 2 strokers both the guys in their mis 70's would race us spermlings weight to cc ratio beating us on the boggy ground rivers Sarn Helen , Strata florida, if...
  15. Orhdposs

    Biker Basics

    Something like this.
  16. Orhdposs

    Biker Basics

    Sorry need one with lights.
  17. Orhdposs

    Biker Basics

    This would be perfect for a Learner upright good view of everything around you good position for you back rather than bent over a tank head up.
  18. Orhdposs

    Men of Inspiration

    Wilfred Thesiger Helped Haile Selassie in Abyssinia defeat the Italians.
  19. Orhdposs

    Biker Basics

    Here are some other books worth a read Especially Chris Scotts.