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  1. The Big Lebowski

    Bark River- Bravo 1 CPM 3V

    SOLD, Thanks! I bought this fairly recently and to be honest, its seen very little use due to work commitments. When I do get out, its foraging these days! Bravo 1 in crucible metals CPM 3V. This was custom made for me by Mike Stewart (owner of barky) to my specifications. The jimping on the...
  2. The Big Lebowski

    Avatar shenanigans!

    I'm not sure who changed it, but I just spat coffee all over my keyboard!:lmao:
  3. The Big Lebowski

    Frazers Coastal Walk - The cast.

    Another year and another great group :) Its incredibly rewarding to watch people take such interest in foraging, answer questions and also learn along the way. I hope Frazers presentation inspired you to get out and explore your natural surroundings. Coastal safety - Notification boards and...
  4. The Big Lebowski

    Sap tapping Video. Just a few tips etc.

    Its that time of the year again :rolleyes: I did a short video for anyone new to sap tapping - I hope its of use !
  5. The Big Lebowski

    I need the help of a Mechanic (Fiat clutch bearing)

    In a pickle at the mo. I bought a replacement clutch for a mate to fit (he's fully competent, and free) but while its been lying around waiting to be fitted, the release bearings gone walkies :rolleyes: Hmmm. Not having much joy sourcing one without the complete clutch, does anyone have access...
  6. The Big Lebowski

    Oysterleaf - Sea Lungwort - Mertensia maritima

    Well, I was introduced to this non native (extreme northwards) plant last week and its a very odd thing. As the name suggests, it has the texture of Sea Aster, but tastes identical to fresh oysters. Not similar, indentical :p Anyone else tried it, or even found some locally?
  7. The Big Lebowski

    Flexcut whistlers kit- Sealed/New.

    Sold... As per link- I also have a near complete larger block of Flexcut Gold to throw in. £35 posted recorded. I'm away now till Sunday. PP or internet banking fine :cool:
  8. The Big Lebowski

    A detailed look at the Warbonnet Ridgerunner, and a Chicken.

    The story- Having spent a year or so using a Warbonnet Blackbird style hammock, which I really like, it got me thinking about having a dedicated hammock for winter, another for summer. Toying with the idea one day of hitting foreign shores where they really do get below -10, I mulled over a...
  9. The Big Lebowski

    Blackbird Bridge Hammock- Ridgerunner.

    Toying with the idea of buying a bridge (Wbbb) for a dedicated winter hammock. Simple reason being with the lay of a bridge your down bag suffers no compression issues as it would with an asymmetrical lay hammock. Anyone own one? My main concern is shoulder pinch really. I've watched videos...
  10. The Big Lebowski

    Mr Budd, thank-you sir!

    I wasn't expecting much more than the usual socks/smellies/pants et-all this Chrimbo, but very pleasantly opened a box to find this. I really liked the look of one of Dave's custom hawks some time ago, discussing it briefly with the other half and thought nothing more of it. Straight out the...
  11. The Big Lebowski

    Warbonnet Blackbird Double Layer 1.1 / Superfly (olive brown)

    Just putting the feelers out... Must be in A1 condition, cash waiting :cool:
  12. The Big Lebowski

    Fully customised Uk Hammocks, erm, Hammock.

    This was designed by Mat to be an alternative to the Warbonnet Blackbird. 1.7 double pertex fabric with slit for mat. Every option going including organizer pockets, triangular bag for keeping stuff in (such as a back up micro fleece) internal double mesh ridge-line organizer, even a...
  13. The Big Lebowski

    Alpkit Skyehigh 800/1000 Long...

    (ALL SORTED!) Not holding out much hope- but if you don't ask! Bag must be in clean/good condition with no repairs please and stored lofted. Cash waiting. Cheers, al.
  14. The Big Lebowski

    Twisted Firestarter... Your PM's are full.

    As above, cheers! :)
  15. The Big Lebowski

    Optimus Crux, Silva Headtorch, Romisen Cree RC-R5

    Folding Optimus Crux, packs into very small portable system using 125g screw fitting cartridge. £25 posted inc fees and 3/4 full gas can. Silva Ranger Head Torch. Silva's 'intelligent' light system gives a triangular beam lighting up your feet and the distance. Red (ideal for reading or...
  16. The Big Lebowski

    My new main user

    Been oogling these for a while, watching reviews, that kind of stuff. I wanted a heavy camp knife that could replace a hatchet (at times) while packing lighter. The one negative I picked up about the bark river Bravo-1 was the jimping was a little sharp on the thumb. A few emails back and forth...
  17. The Big Lebowski


    Who's going for it then? I've decided for the first time in my life, other than being a lazy shaver from time to time to go for the full Moostashe. Should be 'interesting' :p
  18. The Big Lebowski

    Seal Skinz... Any good?

    Looking for liners and mittens for the winter, curious if the Seal Skinz range is any good. Was thinking contact gloves as inner, winter mitten outers. I need something that will handle -20 or so. Cheers, al.
  19. The Big Lebowski

    Steve (of the penny whistle fame)

    Does anyone have Steves number they can PM me. We are supposed to be hooking up for a meet down my permission over the autumn/winter, but we (I) forgot to swap numbers at the end of the moot (for the second year running) :rolleyes: I know he's not on here much due to having a knackered pc of...
  20. The Big Lebowski

    Two knives and an UQ protector...

    Helle Eggen. Triple laminated stainless blade that takes a horrendously sharpened edge and keeps it. As I've said in previous posts, I'm a huge fan of helle steel. Its a pleasure to sharpen and use. Handles had a light rub down with micro mesh and several coats of Teak oil to freshen up the...