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    Kit donations for conservation teams

    Yes they do. They also have a facebook page. It's all very basic as they're starting up
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    Kit donations for conservation teams

    Hi all, I've spent a lot of time in africa working in conservation and made a lot of good friends out there, a couple of which are setting up their own anti poaching team and they are struggling to make ends meet. I was just wondering if people had spare/old small bits of kit they don't need...
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    DD tarp in "coyote brown" help

    Thanks mate.
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    DD tarp in "coyote brown" help

    Hi there, I need to purchase a new Bivvy, I've hear the DD tarps are very good so I am thinking of buying one. However, ideally I need one in a browny tan colour. On the DD website they offer a "coyote brown" bivvy but it appears to be much darker thank other coyote kit, more of a chocolate...
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    Paracord handle question

    If I were to make a paracord handled chopper (eg parang/ machete etc) would that have any effect on the performance eg the shock running through the handle making it hard to use etc
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    How often should you apply waterproofing products to boots?

    Hi, I've recently bought some altberg boots and their leder Gris product and I was wondering how often do you apply it (eg after every walk, once a week, month etc?). Cheers
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    Wood burner stove efficiency info

    Hi, I'm thinking of having a wood burner stove fitted but can anyone help me understand the heat out put. For instance 5kw. I understand that its 5 kW of energy etc but is anyone able to help me with a more real life explanation, such as how big a room it will heat etc? Cheers
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    Vacuum pack compression sacks

    Hi, you know the bags you can get that you can put clothes in then Hoover out excess air to save space, well can you get the same effect with out a Hoover by squashing the air out or whatever? Cheers Tom
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    Taking kit abroad

    Hi, I'm going to South Africa and I'm taking some of my kit with me which includes my knife. Is there anything you have to do like register them etc to take them on the plane (in the luggage obviously)? Cheers
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    Anti malaria tablets for limpopo area South Africa.

    Hi, has anyone been to limpopo on south Africa and if so what did you do for malaria. As I've seen information that says its a low risk area and anti malaria drugs are not needed bit I've also seen information saying to use them so I'm a bit confused. Also My travel nurse has mentioned that...
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    Boots for South Africa

    Also in addition to that I'll be out during the night too when it could get quite cold too
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    Boots for South Africa

    I'll be going to a place near the Kruger national park. I'll be helping with a conservation team so I'll be spending 16 days at a time in the bush dismantling snares etc. I probably will have to cross streams and rivers and it might rain too being winter. Due to the company I'm doing it with...
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    Boots for South Africa

    Hi, I'm going to South Africa in April and I'm not sure what type of boots to get. It will be winter there which can actually get very cold, especially mornings, evenings and nights but can also get quite warm in the day. Would "normal" boots be best or desert type boots? Cheers
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    Water purification side effects?

    Cheers mate, yeah I'm aiming to get a proper purification system before I go but I'm going to take chlorine tabs as a back up in case it breaks etc. cheers
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    Water purification side effects?

    Hi, does anyone know if there is any potential health problems with long term use of the chlorine based water purification tablets? Just to give a better idea, I may be needing them for 16 days at a time, 4 days off and repeated for up to 6 months. Cheers
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    Basic wash kit contents?

    Cheers everyone, it's really useful
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    Basic wash kit contents?

    Hi, this may be a bit of a simple question for some but what should you include in a washkit for a two week trip in the field? I want to keep it as basic as I can. Cheers
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    Backpack security mods

    Hi, in April I'm going travelling and potentially I will be leaving my backpack alone for periods of time. Does anyone have any ideas/ know how to mod a backpack so as to be able to lock it with a travel padlock or something just as a bit of a deterrent? I was thinking maybe putting some eyelets...
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    Oiling a blade

    Hi, when oiling a blade for storage, if the blade is coated black (mines a kabar) do you only need to oil the expose part of the blade edge rather than the entire blade? Cheers
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    Alt berg ledger Gris

    Hi can the ledger Gris that altberg say you should use on their boots be used for shining boots or is it just for protection?