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  1. TeeDee

    Reflective GITD tape?

    Does anyone know if anyone produces a SOLAS type reflective tape :-...
  2. TeeDee

    Fire Kits

    Possibly more of an americanism than a typical brit thing but do people have specific Fire kits? Bits and bobs for firemaking - Just wondering what gadgets , gizmos and whatsits make their way into such kits. TIA.
  3. TeeDee

    Petrol and Diesel Shortages

    Are people experiencing Petrol and Diesel Shortages in their area ??
  4. TeeDee

    John Lord - Old photos.

    As WilI Lord came up on the Telly and in conversation the other day at the same time I also remembered and found an old photo account and came across these photos of John Lord and his craft as he taught myself and others his art at a course I attended. Just thought I would share as I believe...
  5. TeeDee

    Winter is coming.

    Winter is coming. What pre-winter safety check do you perform and what does it entail? When do you start ( if at all ) to implement some proactive preparation? Car check up? Change of items placed in the car? Central heating checked for pressure , radiators bled and topped out? Black out kit...
  6. TeeDee


    Antonyms are words typically opposite to each other - Good and Bad as an example. There are other antonyms which have a meaning that seems to be lost in the vagaries of time. As an example of what I mean these three examples should provide an idea. UNCOUTH ;- lacking good manners...
  7. TeeDee

    Audio Lure

    Having just picked up a waterproof blue tooth speaker from Aldi I had a bit of an idea. As I can leave the speaker and play audio remotely I'm wondering about the possibility of 'drawing' in a few animals with Audio being played so I can photograph them. Anyone got experience of doing such a...
  8. TeeDee


    A bit of a state-of-the-nation type random question. What do people here honestly typically eat for their Breakfast? I'm guessing their maybe some variance at the weekend- so whats a typical Mon to Friday Brekkie vs a Weekend brekkie?
  9. TeeDee

    Primitive traps.

    I was thinking about doing some examples ( as much for my own learning as showing ) of Primitive type traps - Figure four , Piaute, Ojibwa bird trap , treadle trap etc etc. But I also realised even if it was only for entertainment/education I was concerned how others - here , may react to it...
  10. TeeDee

    Kitchen Knives

    Due to all the chatter about the more high end bushcrafty sharpies I wonder if the knife aficionados put as much thought and love into their day to day kitchen blades? Does your appreciation of shiny sharp things extend to preparing the Sunday roast or chopping the veg??
  11. TeeDee

    Cycles within Cycles, wheels within wheels...

    I've seen and read about shorter and longer term cycles or repeatable patterns within both History ( Fourth turning theory ) and various theories relating to Financial boom / bust cycles. I think last year was a VERY good year for Acorns and the year before that was a very good year for an...
  12. TeeDee

    First Aider in the Workplace,

    Who here volunteers to be a First Aider in their Workplace ? and if not why not? ( without judgement ) I've done a few First Aid Courses , a Rescue Diver course in the past and even a Far From Help course with WMT ( but if I'm honest I could very much do with a refresher ) but at my last...
  13. TeeDee


    Caches - Hidden storage vessels containing goods left in the outside area/wild. Not from any sort of prepper/survivalist angle but do any here use of have Bushcraft "Caches" that they leave out in the woods near a maybe regular piece of woodland/brush that they use? Just wondering if you do...
  14. TeeDee

    Huel - Hot & Savoury

    Maybe worth looking at for those wanting something different on the trail but Huel have released a Hot and Savoury range of SIX MREs type product. Just add water. Maybe a little light on calories but as an addition to something more calorie dense for minimal prep time could be a useful...
  15. TeeDee

    Brilliant , But Mad.

  16. TeeDee

    Exotac Titanlight.

    Does anyone have a Exotac Titanlight?? I'm giving up on Zippo's ( Sorry Zippo - I like your history and varying designs and even your gas module update was an attempt to drag yourself into efficiency buy ultimately a failure....)
  17. TeeDee

    Extra School Curriculum

    ( Whilst Lying on my back and musing about life, experiences, regrets and the detailed tapestry-esque needlework of life after my 47 years on the planet. ) If one was to have input into what elements, activities/lessons or character building experiences should be tagged onto an extra 6/12...
  18. TeeDee


    Been away in Hospital for the last 14 days via the blue light express taxi service. Arriving temp of 41 degs Jaundice. Gall bladder infection and general shenanigans. MANY MANY MANY thanks to ANY NHS staff who are members here , regardless of what ever role you serve within the organisation...
  19. TeeDee

    Greenforce ' meat '

    Anyone tried this ? I thought it maybe a useful thing to experiment with for longer trips where refrigeration isn't an option but you still get those 'meat' cravings?