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  1. santaman2000

    Mating Rituals
  2. santaman2000

    Lobster Season

    As per the title: catching lobster by hand
  3. santaman2000

    Happy Canadian Thanksgiving

    @sasquatch. @RobsonRV and all our other Canadian members: Have an awesome Thanksgiving!
  4. santaman2000

    Surplus British Bergen

    I’ve been noticing this surplus Bergen advertised for a while and thought some of y’all might be interested.
  5. santaman2000

    What Are Your Favorite Vegetable Sandwiches?

    I’ll start with a little background and a some examples. First, any of you who’ve read my posts for any length of time know I primarily love a carnivorous diet. Oh I like good vegetables as much as anybody else, but I thrive on meat. So why am I delving into something like vegetable sandwiches...
  6. santaman2000

    Fried Green Tomatoes

    Now I’m hungry. Fortunately I just made these last week. We had them with ranch dressing.
  7. santaman2000

    Cheap But Awesome Smoked Chicken

    I do these a lot. An awful lot! They’re dirt cheap at less than $6 for a 10 pound bag of fresh chicken leg quarters. I do mine a little different than they do in the video but not terribly so. In my case I rarely marinate them and when I do I use a different marinate (I use apple juice and add...
  8. santaman2000

    Railroad Afficianados

  9. santaman2000

    Stone Crabs

    The season just ended about three weeks ago but these two captains did ok for a recreational harvest.
  10. santaman2000

    The Ultimate Bacon Cheeseburger

    I know a couple of BBQ/Smokehouse restaurants that do similar burgers. Vegetarians avert your eyes!
  11. santaman2000

    Star Wars Day

    May the 4th be with you!
  12. santaman2000

    Quarantine Self Care?

    What problems and solutions have come up regarding your routines? In my case I’d gone about 6 to 8 weeks without a haircut and the barber shops are a no go. I solved the problem by getting a haircut kit and yesterday my daughter cut mine and the youngest grandson’s hair. So what part of your...
  13. santaman2000

    Yea or Nay?

    I kinda like it, but what do y’all think? The general idea of using it for a table or stand: not necessarily just for a tv.
  14. santaman2000

    Bow & Arrow Turkey Harvest

    I know this hunter was confident in his skills, but this shot was definitely better than I expected
  15. santaman2000

    Self Isolation Indulgence Meal

    Well this is certainly time for cooking a nice meal at home. Not exactly backwoods bushcraft but still a good outdoor Indulgence for the back yard.
  16. santaman2000

    Surviving Quarantine/End of Lent Celebration

    whichever comes first I gotta try this one
  17. santaman2000

    British Bergan

    Possibly of interest to some of y’all: $39.95 (or £30.99)...
  18. santaman2000

    Bow Hunting & Buck Fever

    I came across this older video of a moose hunter with an extreme Adrenalin rush.
  19. santaman2000

    Kidney Surgery

    I’ve put off posting here until I had something concrete to say. About six weeks ago I started having pain in my mid-lower back. I made an appointment with my doctor and he ordered an ultrasound as we were both mostly expecting kidney stones. However that turned out not to be the case. The...
  20. santaman2000

    Life Skills Class

    Interesting idea. Apparently it’s fairly well received as well (public school students processing wild game)